Why CBS Didn’t Meet ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Greta Gerwig How I met Your Dad
Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Something is missing from TV’s new fall schedule. Yes, there’s a drama about Batman, a few spy serials and plenty of romantic comedies. But what happened to the show that seemed to be a sure thing?

In the wake of this season’s last airing of the venerable series “How I Met Your Mother,” TV fans have eagerly lapped up every last detail about a proposed new series for CBS that would contain many of the same elements: “How I Met Your Dad.” But the show will not surface on CBS this season, and seems unlikely to do so anytime soon.

The new series, like its predecessor centered on a similar concept but from a woman’s point of view, was to have been produced by 20th Century Fox TV, the same backer of “HIMYM”;  starred Greta Gerwig; and even featured Meg Ryan as the voice of the show’s narrator.

Yet when the project came to fruition – CBS had given the series a pilot production commitment back in November – executives were not pleased with what they saw.  CBS “tried to get a re-do” of the pilot, said Nina Tassler, chair of CBS Entertainment, at a press conference Wednesday, and found the studio and the creators unwilling to make the changes the network wanted.

Could the show surface elsewhere or perhaps appear on CBS after another development cycle? Tassler made no definitive pronouncements, but the prospect certainly seemed unlikely, at least for now.