Even though Stephen Colbert won’t replace David Letterman until 2015, Colbert stopped by his old stomping grounds as a send off to himself.

Appearing on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” where Colbert used to work as a correspondent, the satirical talk show host broke the news to Stewart that he will be ending his long-standing show, “The Colbert Report.” Although Stewart made clear that he already knew this tragic news, Colbert continues to explain his reasoning (and it’s not because of Letterman).

“You see, there is no mountain left for me to climb,” Colbert jokes. “It has become clear to me that I have won television.”

The two hosts talk about Colbert’s potential next move, which won’t be taking over Letterman because “some fat guy” got the job. But what upsets Colbert the most is that “The Daily Show” never aired a “best of” montage when Colbert originally departed to start his own show. Don’t worry, Colbert compiled his own.