The line between Nick Offerman and his beloved “Parks and Recreation” character Ron Swanson is becoming even more blurred. On Thursday night, Offerman presented a faux-commercial for wooden, hand-carved emojis during a visit to “Conan.”

“I think it’s time we got back to a more old-fashioned, more personal, more American way of communication,” Offerman says in the mock infomercial, proudly displaying a bulky wooden smiley face on the table of his wood shop.

Offerman advocates toting one’s collection of wooden emoticons — each weighing 14 lbs. and costing $29.99 — around in a large burlap sack for more earnest communication with loved ones. “Just hammer the emojis together with some nails and then apply your choice of wood varnish or shellac. Not only have you gotten your message across, but you’ve built something with your own bare hands. And that feels good.”

We bet wooden emojis are Duke Silver’s preferred method of communication, too.