A new clip of Myx TV’s food competition show “Eat Your Words,” which challenges participants to recreate dishes that they didn’t enjoy at a given restaurant, offers a small taste of the new show’s premise.

Building off the trend of publicly sharing bad restaurant experiences online, “Eat Your Words” turns the table on Internet food critics.

“In the age of social media anyone who goes to a restaurant thinks they’re a food expert, and they’re happy to broadcast their picky opinions all over the internet,”  host Kara Birkenstock says.

In the clip, several dissatisfied restaurant patrons are shown sharing and writing about their poor experiences on the web. The show then challenges the foodies to cook a dish that they negatively rated. A panel of judges scores the quality of the dish on a star-system.

Contestants have the potential of winning a gift certificate to a participating restaurant. If judges give them a low score, then contestants will be instructed to go back online and “eat your words” by apologizing to the criticized restaurant.

Myx TV’s “Eat Your Words” will premiere on Oct. 16 at 8 p.m.