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An ABC News “20/20” report on Friday included previously unseen footage of the final moments leading up to “Midnight Rider” camera assistant Sarah Jones’ tragic death in February.

The video comes from a camera that was inside the CSX locomotive that was speeding down the track before the accident. Two other crew members as well as film stars William Hurt and Wyatt Russell ran for their lives seconds before impact, but Jones wasn’t able to make it off the trestle safely.

According to the report, a hospital bed that had been placed on the tracks (for the dream sequence being shot) was responsible for Jones’ death. It collided with the train, then struck Jones, pushing her into the deadly vehicle.

“The train hits the bed and the bed flies up and apparently a portion of the hospital bed strikes Sarah and pushes her into the train,” said Jeff Harris, the attorney representing Jones’ parents Richard and Elizabeth. The Joneses have sued director Randall Miller and several others affiliated with the production.

Hairstylist Joyce Gilliard, who was injured by the train, began crying during her interview as she discussed seeing Jones’ dead body. She said she and her colleagues only had a single minute to escape the train’s path.

Jones’ parents also gave emotional interviews to “20/20” and said the filmmakers were responsible for their daughter’s untimely death.

“The people who made poor choices that day need to be held fully accountable,” Richard Jones said. “It’s clear that certainly the producers and the director, they messed up real bad.”

In a statement released to ABC News through their attorneys on Friday, Miller and producer Jody Savin said that they “believed there was no danger present in filming on the tracks that day because they believed they had permission to be on the tracks from Rayonier and CSX.”

Watch the videos from “20/20” below:

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