Good news for “Vice” watchers — the news magazine series has been renewed for two more seasons, HBO programming prexy Michael Lombardo announced Wednesday.

The show’s third season on the premium cabler is slated to premiere 2015 with 14 episodes, followed by season four in 2016. The 14-episode order is an increase from the previous 12-episode seasons.

Along with host and “Vice” magazine founder Shane Smith, “Vice” correspondents travel the world to bring viewers overlooked and under-reported stories in a documentary style. The topics explored range from civil unrest and terrorism to government corruption and environmental catastrophes. 

“The success of ‘Vice’ on HBO proves that people are hungry to be engaged in world events when the storytelling is not packaged into sound bites,” Lombardo said in a statement. “’Vice’s’ smart, honest, in-depth approach to news coverage is a perfect complement to HBO’s programming.”

“We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to HBO for letting us do what we love for another two seasons, and for providing the best platform in television where the stories we work so hard on can live,” added Smith. “’Vice’ on HBO has transformed our brand. It has forced us to get better, to try harder and now, with two new seasons, we will keep striving to be better still. We promise to report on the underreported, to tell the forgotten stories and to remain committed to uncovering the truth about our planet in peril. Here we come.”

The second season of  HBO’s “Vice” is exec produced by Smith, Bill Maher, Eddy Moretti and BJ Levin, along with consulting producer Fareed Zakaria.