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It looks as if Hannah Horvath won’t be strolling through the University of Iowa’s campus after all.

The university denied HBO’s request to film “Girls” on its campus.

According to Press-Citizen, UI spokesman Tom Moore confirmed that university officials were contacted by HBO and denied the network’s request to film episodes on campus.

“While we are pleased that the Iowa Writers’ Workshop is receiving national attention and that our graduate is doing well in her career, our general practice is to not allow filming, due to potential disruption to campus,” Moore said in a prepared statement.

In the season three finale of “Girls,” viewers were left with a cliffhanger (SPOILER ALERT) as Hannah (Lena Dunham) grips onto her acceptance letter from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa.

“Girls” staff writer Sarah Heyward is connected to the storyline. as she is an alumna of the prestigious writing program.

Variety film editor Ramin Setoodeh spoke to the real-life director of the program, Samantha Chang, who said “I think that Hannah is a young woman of great imagination and talent and it’s very possible that she could have gotten in.”