Tyrant,” the new FX drama set in a fictional, war-torn Middle-Eastern country, has moved its production from Israel to Turkey amid ongoing violence in Israel.

Cast and crew of the program, which has two episodes left to shoot in its 10-episode first season, were flown from its production base of Tel Aviv to Istanbul on Sunday as a week-long eruption of Palestinian-Israeli violence shows no signs of abating.

Militants in Gaza have lobbed hundreds of missiles at Israeli cities in the past week, and Israel has responded with an unprecedented aerial bombing campaign in a bid to stop the fire. The rocket fire from Gaza has caused air-raid sirens to ring in every major Israeli city, including Tel Aviv.

Cast and crew on the program, which was created by Howard Gordon and “Homeland” exec producer Gideon Raff, have been active on social media discussing the fear and anxiety of witnessing the rocket fire and destruction first-hand.

“Please pray for peace tonight … it is so eye-opening and heart-breaking (and scary) to witness this firsthand. #Israel #Gaza,” tweeted Jennifer Finnigan, who plays Molly Al Fayeed, the wife of a reluctant heir to a Middle Eastern dynasty.

Noah Silver, who plays her teenage son Sammy, was a bit more cheeky, tweeting “Tweet from a bomb room during air raid. Check,” and re-tweeting a message from his mom making sure he was in a safe room during a warning siren.

FX execs say that they hope to return to Israel to complete production on the show and are monitoring the situation carefully. Also on Tuesday, a pre-planned filming hiatus on the USA program “Dig,” which began production in Jerusalem last month, was extended for an additional week.

An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire on July 15 was agreed to by Israel, but Hamas refused to accept its terms, and fighting continued on both sides.