Sunday’s finale of “True Detective” will undoubtedly be in for a multiplatform dissection by fans of HBO’s oh-so-moody, incredibly creepy eight-episode murder-mystery series.

SPOILER ALERT: Discussion of Sunday’s finale follows:

“True Detective” has been hailed as a revelation for stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and it has made an overnight sensation of writer Nic Pizzolatto, who had little smallscreen experience before fielding the story of odd-couple Louisiana detectives Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Harrelson).

The show has drawn much attention for the Southern-flavored literary prose delivered by Cohle’s character. Sunday’s finale was a roller-coaster road of disturbing plot twists, as the pair finally close in on serial killer who has committed unspeakable evil for decades, and extended exchanges between Cohle and Hart that enhanced the Butch-and-Sundance bond between their characters.

One of the bits that captured the show’s oddball humor came after one of Cohle’s trademark out-there, mumbled pronouncements on the nature of man, and his remark about people being “sentient meat” (at least I think that’s what the line was). Hart waits a beat after Cohle stops talking and then asks, in all earnestness, “what’s scented meat?

By design, “True Detective” was crafted to be an anthology format, with cast and characters changing each season. There is no plan at present for McConaughey or Harrelson to revive their characters. But who knows — maybe there’s a touch of foreshadowing in the line that Hart says to Cohle in the show’s closing moments, after a raw emotional breakdown by Cohle that will surely be on McConaughey’s Emmy submission reel later this year.

As the pair vividly demonstrate their need for each other  — with Hart holding up a still-recovering Cohle as he tries to make a break from the hospital to his car — Hart tells his friend: “It occurs to me that you’re un-killable.”