Travel Channel is delving into the magician trend in reality TV, greenlighting production on Penn Jillette-starrer “Street Cred” in addition to two other pilots.

“Street Cred,” a halfhour pilot produced by High Noon Entertainment, will be a hidden camera talent show that searches for the best street performers in the States. Former street performer, magician and comedian Penn Jillette will travel the country with his team to find and reward the best street performer with $10,000.

“Booze Traveler” will follow entrepreneur Jack Maxwell as he travels around the world exploring different countries one drink at a time. Maxwell hails from South Boston where bars set the social scene. The hourlong pilot will be produced by Karga Seven Pictures in association with White Reindeer Prods.

Finally, “Great Escapes” showcases escape artist and history buff Steve Santini as he explores tourist destinations often visited for their notorious jails and prisons. He will meet with experts and examine historical facts to see how breakouts occurred. The halfhour pilot will be produced by Paper Route Prods.