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Timothy Olyphant was very clear about how he wants FX’s “Justified” to end its run. “It has to come down to Ava and Boyd and Raylan,” he said.

Castmembers and producers Fred Golan and Dave Andron discussed the show at “An Evening With Justified” Wednesday at the Television Academy. “Justified,” currently in its fifth season, has been renewed for a sixth and final season.

“I would be very curious to how those three points of view, those three storylines can sustain an entire series and allow the other characters to simply support them,” Olyphant said, as co-star Nick Searcy feigned uproar and got up from his seat and the cast cracked up. “I don’t mean that to lessen the other characters!” Olyphant said.

Searcy enjoyed more joking at Olyphant’s expense as the cast was asked about memorable scenes. “Most of my scenes are with Tim. Every time I’m not with him it’s like a breath of fresh air,” Searcy said.

Walton Goggins, however, sincerely tipped his hat to Olyphant’s Raylan Givens, saying, “I don’t know if there’s another No. 1 on the call sheet who gives the joke to the other actors.”

Golan recalled a scene with recurring star Neal McDonough, whose arm gets amputated by Limehouse in season three (played by Mykelti Williamson). Creator Graham Yost told Olyphant about it, but Olyphant thought it was so cool, he wanted Raylan to be the one wielding the cleaver, so they rewrote the scene. “On the day, Tim said, ‘It’s gotta be Limehouse,'” Golan said. “I hate telling nice stories about you, Tim, but it’s true, you give it away.”

The cast discussed at length the fluid and collaborative process between the actors and the writing staff to create the crackling dialogue worthy of Elmore Leonard. “We all made studying Elmore a project,” Golan said. “And when we veer from the path, we have the cast to keep us honest.”

“It takes a village to raise Elmore Leonard on a week-to-week basis,” Goggins said.

As for the current season, moderator Tom O’Neill asked a question from Twitter: Will Ava ever get out of jail? “Am I allowed to say?” said Joelle Carter.

“The thing is to get to the expected place in an unexpected way,” Andron said. “We want Ava out.”

Any future plans for the cast? “How about ‘Justified: The Movie’?” Carter suggested. Searcy one-upped her with “Justified: The Animated Series” — “Then we just have to do voices!” he said.

“I’m gonna need a job for sure,” Olyphant said.

Go to the Television Academy site to watch a replay of the show.