Supernatural” must have magical charms. It has lasted on two different broadcast networks over a period of nine years, and even survived a period in which it was exiled to  Friday nights, one of primetime TV’s less robust evenings.

Now, the CW is considering a spinoff for the veteran drama, which centers on two brothers who hunt ghosts and demons.

The studio behind the show, Warner Brothers Television, is aware of the CW’s desire for a spinoff, said Mark Pedowitz, the CW’s president. “What it is, what it isn’t, is up for discussion,” he said during a conference call with reporters to discuss the network’s new fall schedule. Network executives will consider possible ideas next June or July, he said.

A spinoff of the show has been on the consideration list for some time. An episode in the series’ recently completed ninth season was supposed to serve as a backdoor pilot of sort for a potential series, but does not appear to have moved forward for the fall.

Even so, the network’s interest in the concept is a remarkable, given its time on the air. After all,  the series launched on the now-defunct WB network in the 2005-2006 TV season. The show then migrated  to the CW when the owners of the WB and rival UPN, Time Warner and CBS Corp.,  decided to merge the two entities in 2006 after running into challenges finding ad support for both outlets.

Yet upon its arrival at CW, “Supernatural” found itself somewhat out of sync with the infant network’s new central theme of providing buzzy content that skewed toward young female. “Gossip Girl” and “90210” were given roosts during days of the week more fertile for viewing, while “Supernatural” –  paired with “Smallville” in its waning years  – hung out on Friday night.

When Pedowitz arrived at the CW in 2011, he immediately took an interest in the show, even taking pains to visit its set. “Supernatural” has since returned to the middle of the week on the CW’s lineup. In the fall of 2014, it will have the much-anticipated super-hero drama “The Flash” as a lead-in.