As social media anticipation grows for its “Flowers in the Attic” miniseries, Lifetime announced plans for a sequel at TCA. The follow-up will be based on the second book in the series, “Petals on the Wind.”

Kayla Alpert, who adapted the scandalous V.C. Andrews novel for Lifetime, is writing the sequel, which she says “takes place about 10 years after the first movie ends” and is “a very juicy compelling revenge drama.”

While it’s unclear if Lifetime will adapt the remaining books in the “Flowers” series for TV, this type of project has been a major focus for Lifetime Networks’ exec VP and g.m Robert Sharenow. He announced at TCA that the network will have 400 hours of original programming. (He also admitted to reading the books).

“I think the days of making Lifetime movies just for a Lifetime woman are over,” Sharenow told Variety in December. “Lifetime viewers are liking them, but we’re also bringing in a new audience.”