Tatiana Maslany on the ‘Physical and Emotional Challenge’ of ‘Orphan Black’

BBC America drama returns for second season in April

Tatiana Maslany on the 'Physical and

How did it feel for Tatiana Maslany to return to production on “Orphan Black”?

“Daunting,” the actress said.

During a panel for the BBC America drama, Maslany — who plays seven clones (and counting) in “Orphan Black” — stated, “I knew what to expect, and how much work it was going to be…There wasn’t the pressure of ‘Will this work? Will people buy the gimmick?’…Now, it’s time to go deeper into it. The writers continue to deepen and flesh out the world of each of the clones. I know these women now…The challenge of it continues and that’s what keeps me obsessed with the show, and the job.”

Daunting nature of her roles aside, Maslany is nevertheless basking the Golden Globe glow this weekend, with a nomination for best actress in a TV drama for “Orphan Black.”

“The Golden Globes thing is wild,” she said at the BBC America TCA session. “I’m blown away by it, just trying to breathe in it and take it one day at a time. It’s totally out of my league.”

“Orphan Black,” produced by Temple Street Prods., will return for its second season on April 19. Per co-creator and scribe Graeme Manson, the team is currently shooting episode eight of the season’s 10-episode order. When asked if the show will explore other cloned people aside from Maslany’s characters, Manson replied, “It’s not territory we’re treading in the near future.”

“We like Tat,” Manson added. “It’s not like we haven’t thought of that…We’re really enjoying this season digging deeper into [her clones’] lives. We’d like to keep exploring this, as long as we don’t exhaust Tat!”

(Manson would later remark that Maslany’s shooting scripts are “mind-boggling,” and often covered in margin notes.)

The two clones that were the toughest challenges for Maslany? Allison and Rachel.

During auditions, Maslany recalled, “I wasn’t willing to admit that Allison was so much a part of me. She was a scary thing to admit being, and she was a hard one to find the sympathy or empathy for initially.” Rachel, the thesp said, is daunting “because of her entitlement and wealth and power.”

“It terrified me, but that’s what’s so awesome about this show. I get to try out things that no one would cast me in normally. I don’t think people would come to me for power CEOs normally.”

Maslany also raved during the panel about the hand that “Orphan Black’s” organic online buzz had in promoting the series.

“Everybody in this room who wrote about our show, or promoted it by discussing it got us seen. We’re a niche, odd little show that could have fallen under the radar. Because of TV critics, and bloggers, and the Clone Club, people were talking about it and got the show out to a wider audience…It’s rewarding to hear people enjoy the show.”