Stephen Colbert Accused of Racism With #CancelColbert Campaign

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is in hot water after a joke he made went viral, igniting a firestorm over Twitter.

“I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever,” “The Colbert Report” Twitter wrote Thursday.

The joke was taken from a bit on Wednesday night’s “The Colbert Report,” parodying Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his launch of the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation in light of controversy over the team name. Taken out of context, however, many Twitter users saw the joke as racist, and launched a #CancelColbert campaign that quickly became a trending topic.

As the controversy started, the tweet was deleted, but Twitter users managed to screenshot the tweet before it disappeared.

Comedy Central and “The Colbert Report” has yet to speak publicly on the controversy. Colbert has called the character he plays on the show “an idiot” in the past.

Updated on 03/27/14 10:04 PM: Colbert tweeted about the controversy on his account, sharing sentiments with the protesters.

“The Colbert Report” Twitter clarified that the account is not run by Colbert himself.

Tweets from those in the #CancelColbert campaign:


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  1. In advertisements we would never see today, mid century American Chinese food companies ran ad campaigns that were sorely in need of Steven Colberts now shuttered Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation of Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.

    When the mid century housewife wanted to go exotic..she’d go Oriental. If she wanted to add some glamor appeal to her family meals a trip to the Orient was as easy as her electric can opener.
    Thanks to Chun King it was cantoneasy! take a look

  2. Michael M says:

    I’m a victim. I’m a victim. Wah wah wah. If you don’t get the joke you are just a moron.

  3. fal says:

    Don’t like it? Well stop being butt hurt and change the damn channel. Simple. Comedy does cross into the void of race…but it’s never a big deal until people out about it. If we were more concerned with our future as a race and less concerned over being offended by something that has absolutely no effect on your daily living the world would be a much better place…and for everyone, not just the privileged. Seriously get over yourselves. You are not helping in the fight to retain freedom of speech and privacy…or at least what’s left of it.

  4. fallon says:

    Don’t like it? Well stop being butt hurt and change the damn channel. Simple. Comedy does cross into the void of race…but it’s never a big deal until people out about it. If we were more concerned with our future as a race and less concerned over being offended by something that has absolutely no effect on your daily living the world would be a much better place…and for everyone, not just the privileged. Seriously get over yourselves. You are not helping in the fight to retain freedom of speech and privacy…or at least what’s left of it.

  5. MIKE says:

    It was a dam joke , have you people never heard or freedom of speech , its the first amendment, please get a sense of hummer.

  6. One group says that Stephen Colbert shouldn’t be fired, because he was actually being pc. Another (including Brittney Cooper) says he should be fired because he was actually being pc… while being a white man, because white men must be punished, no matter what they do. And the third group, led by my good friend Michelle Malkin, wants Colbert fired as revenge, because he has a history of actually being pc.

    Welcome to America 2014, the land of the formerly free.

    Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

  7. daechoongmama says:

    At first I thought, what’s the big deal if he didn’t mean to be offensive. But then i watched the bit and seeing how this whole thing has panned, I’ve changed my perspective. Here is what I think as an Asian American.

  8. Doug says:

    Some groups of ancient peoples didn’t start their lineages until long after early humans migrated from Africa. For example, there exists bloodlines that are completely aboriginal to northeastern Russia.I’m just particular with words thats all :)

  9. mamababy9 says:

    I just don’t understand why these folks are so incredibly angry. Seriously. WTF ?

  10. mamababy9 says:

    He’s a comedian remember ? All of these folks that have their knickers in a twist need to calm the f***k down ! Gee whiz…
    Get a grip and a sense of humor.

  11. Andrew Kole says:

    Lighten up!
    If you don’t like his brand of humor – there are 700 other channels to choose from.
    Do you really think Colbert is a racist?

  12. Adam says:

    seems to me the issue here is context. Just because it’s a joke doesn’t make it not racist or not offensive and if this line, as it was portrayed on twitter, were the whole joke I could see why people would be offended. It’s offensive, joke or not. But in the context of making fun of the Washington Redskins owners actions it is a smart, funny piece of satire about the feeble attempts of that organization to justify their name.

  13. Michelle F says:

    @Lauren Seyyal Farrow: Well said!

  14. Travis Hupp says:

    Suey Park went on Huffpost to claim that white people (no, no, just white MEN) don’t/can’t understand bigotry, or really, anything else. Oh, and that they’re not entitled to opinions, to laugh at things, or think things are funny, unless they get permission from an Asian person. Not sure how she can call anyone ELSE a bigot now without tasting the bitter aftertaste of hypocrisy on her tongue. She’s a racist, an attention seeker, a misandrist and a total whack job. No one should consider her an arbiter of anything. She may not know it, but she is a living satire of all that is wrong with thinking Twitter is the “real world”

  15. Bobo Brazil says:

    Colbert is the biggest wimp on television; he’s really the Punky Brewster of political comedy. If he could spare five minutes, Mort Saul should kick Colbert’s sorry a**.

  16. zod says:

    Colbert is pushing 60 now. His demographic is senile and laugh even if they dont understand his humor. So they can drink cheap whine and feel like they’re real cool hep cats daddy o with their geriatric crowd. 2 more years at best and colbert will be replaced by a fresh douche in his time slot.

  17. Alex says:

    Suey Park (woman who started #CancelColbert) at

    “It’s time to come clean about something. For anyone who knows me personally, I have been very stressed as of late. I have finally made a very hard decision.

    I had been appointed a secret agent for White People Affairs (WPA), a surveillance agency created to keep an eye out on white folks. At WPA we understand that white people have a history of committing unimaginable violence. In my position, I have lived among them and worked among them. I have successfully infiltrated the most dangerously white places in order to better study white pathology. It was so anxiety-provoking…never knowing when white people would snap and show their true nature. Never knowing when I might be discovered. I am relieved to say I have retired from my position, as it was physically and emotionally unhealthy. I couldn’t look too obvious when taking notes, so my findings may look strange to you.

    They won’t break me yet! I will not be discovered and tortured again!

    I will be leaking top secret notes throughout the coming weeks.”

    • davebaxter says:

      Wait, so…the lady who started #ConcelColbert wrote a satirical piece for her “About” page? Jesus, the cognitive dissonance here is astounding.

  18. Cathy B says:

    some people literally need to realize that it was a fucking joke. his entire show is a fucking joke. that’s why it’s on comedy central.

  19. Richie Holsinger says:

    Are you people kidding me? He plays an overly-exaggerated right-wing conservative that is clearly supposed to be a little racist. That was joke playing on that. Besides, that Twitter account isn’t even ran by him. The sheer strength of stupid that people can harbor within themselves makes me astounded that we’re still alive as a race.

  20. John Derham says:

    So, by calling Asians Orientals and making up ersatz words, he is planting the seeds for atomic warfare, concentration camps, and murder? Yep, makes perfect sense to me.

  21. If you follow @ColbertReport and DON’T watch the show, your going to get a LOT of jokes OUT OF CONTEXT! Unfollow @ColbertReport then…. This joke was no more than any previous joke about ANYTHING else! If you knew ANYTHIGN about the whole SEGMENT… you would know that he was actually MOCKING somebody ELSE who was being racist!

  22. Mr Not PC says:

    And yet again the PC world we live in fires back! Hey people, its comedy, if you don’t get it, turn the channel! And almost forgot, GET A LIFE STUPID!!!

  23. Aaron says:

    y’all are butt hurt pussies. News Flash: not everyone in the world is going to like you, respect you, or treat you fairly, so get over it. If something someone typed on a computer hurts you this much, you are unbelievably fortunate to live in America and in this time period because you would never have lasted with the hardships that some races and ethnic groups (slavery of all races/ethnics, immigrants to America, Jewish ppl during the holocaust) had to face in the past. Welcome to the reality.

  24. alex says:

    And yet Chris Rock and George Lopez repeatedly call White people “crackers” on their comedy specials and it’s ok. #hypocrisy.

    • that’s because you hypocrites have been saying things for YEARS and now want to whine and get butthurt yourselves because you are getting a taste of your own damn medicine well boo-hoo little whiny baby!

    • gyn says:

      If you’re white(like me) and find “cracker” personally offensive, then you really, really don’t understand bigotry and racism. The reason “cracker” and “nigger” aren’t even on the same continuum or even the same universe is because one word has been used IN ASSOCIATION with real threats, terrorizing, acts of intimidation, institutional discrimination, murder, public harassment, etc. — and the other word has not. Now care to at least guess which is which? Troubling that people still don’t understand how language works.

  25. Mike Giles says:

    “Accused of Racism”… Sounds like he committed a Federal offense or something.

  26. Dave says:

    funny how he plays an extremely conservative person on his show and its conservatives that are giving him such a hard time… they dont get it…

  27. Chris says:

    Not trying to be an asshole here, but if you find The Colbert Report to be offensive, change the god damn channel. It really is that simple. Idiots…

  28. susan says:

    it’s unbelievable how overly-sensitive people are to everything anymore! pathetic!!

  29. Pox says:

    If you idiots got off twitter and even took the time to watch the episode, hopefully you would be smart enough to realize the genius of this dialogue to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the Redskins for starting a foundation for Redskins, to prove they are nonracists. Plus, Colbert is way funnier than all of you put together so #cancelyourface

  30. What a bunch of crybabies, go blame your mom for raising such a p*&&y.

  31. Troy Foley says:

    Colbert gets labeled a racist for mocking someone for being racist. Just… wow.

  32. Michael M says:

    lighten up everyone!

  33. Jonathon Bleecker says:

    The idiots don’t know how a satirist sometimes ridicules that which he hates through imitation of it, in this case Dan Snyder. Colbert was in no way endorsing that type of thinking. Don’t read “A Modest Proposal” folks; you wouldn’t get it, either.

  34. Do people not understand sarcasm? Seems that way to me (I read the FULL comments by Colbert (not just the little blips that the cancel Colbert campaign keeps showing) and it was NOT racism but apparently his show is for people with the ability to do some critical thinking).

  35. Jared Leas says:

    I’m pretty sure he was being just a little ironic with that joke, just ever so slightly ironic…

  36. you are a bunch of idiots

  37. Lilith says:

    people apparently don’t understand what satire is

  38. Chris Lucas says:

    I vote to have Stephen Colbert host the National Telethon to Cure the Heartbreak of PC Supersensensitivity.

  39. Was this the first time these people turned on a television in ten years? Seriously, go watch Tosh. Your head may explode.

  40. James says:

    The butt hurt is over 9000.

  41. The Perpetually Offended have finally become parodies of themselves. Congrats.

    • I’m late to this party so there may be updates since this piece but I hope Comedy Central and Colbert Report continue to ignore this silliness and make no comment. Sometimes I just wanna crawl into a cave. It’s like people are looking for reasons to be outraged.

  42. AtariBaby says:

    I can’t believe it’s taken this long for a group of overly sensitive people who don’t understand the show to get offended and protest it.

  43. Coolguywithglasses says:

    People these days are just too sensitive. No malicious intent was behind the joke. People really need to learn to let it go. There is no need to get all upset over one joke that pushed your buttons. Offensive humor wouldn’t exist without your butt hurt.

  44. The Doctor says:

    Hey – I’m a japanese american and I DONT CARE

    Leeland yee was a senator trafficking guns and yet this is big news?

    I want my asian people to come together against our leaders making our people look bad – stephen colbert is not a target. Why are we wasting our goddamn time????

    Hey whites – Stop speaking for us, most of us don’t give to fucking shits if he said ching-chong. Hey, I even do it sometimes in jest.

  45. sheryl pugh says:

    there things people say that will offend insult somebody race is a serious issue especially some people culture & heartiage

  46. Ching-Chong Ding-Dong says:

    When liberals have no more enemies to vanquish, they turn on themselves.

  47. Tim says:

    why is he being accused of racism? this IS racist. end of story. A+ “journalism”

  48. Jamie Mendenhall says:

    People are dumb, but Colbert is just funny. Cheese for all the haters.

  49. Karen Anagonye says:

    Do any of you people know what satire is? Maybe you should get a dictionary and look it up. The point of the joke was to point out the absurdity of the Redskins owner’s behavior. But I do thank you all for this stream because it’s going to make the next Colbert Report even funnier!

  50. Emma says:

    He is a comedian people. GET OVER IT! Can’t people laugh at themselves anymore? WTF

    • sn0wwh1te says:

      lets all laugh at the perceived absurdity of other people’s cultures. yes, good. then we’ll scoff at them for getting offended. perfect. *white person handshake*

      • Mohammed says:

        Are you thick or what? When someone says words satirically, it means they don’t actually hold the viewpoint suggested by their words alone; in this case Colbert was condemning the racism of the Redskins’ owner by mocking him. Nothing more. Also, way to put yourself above the racism with your “white person handshake.”

      • Coolguywithglasses says:

        Why are you taking a comedian’s words so seriously, especially when there was no malicious intent behind it? If you can’t laugh at stereotypes within your culture, what can you laugh about? I like jokes about white trash southerners. I know not all of us are like that, you know all of us aren’t like that, but I wouldn’t be writing comments dripping in sarcasm on some obscure news site.

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