Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd to Leave ABC’s ‘The View’

Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd Leaving 'The

Barbara Walters isn’t the only person who is leaving “The View” this year. Co-hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are set to exit ABC’s daytime talker later this summer.

A shakeup of the show’s panel has been brewing for some time. Walters acknowledged as much in a interview with Variety earlier this year — even floating the idea that a man might be tapped for the panel.

Whoopi Goldberg is expected to stay put in the key slot as the show’s moderator, but it’s now clear that she will be surrounded by all new faces when the show’s 18th season begins in the fall.

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McCarthy tweeted news of her departure on Thursday evening after Shepherd released a statement confirming her plan to leave after seven years. McCarthy joined the show this time last year.

“It’s been seven wonderful years on ‘The View’ and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on,” Shepherd said in a statement. “I am extremely grateful to Barbara Walters and (exec producer) Bill Geddie for giving me the opportunity. I look forward to the business opportunities that lay ahead for me and I am incredibly grateful to my ‘View’ family and my fans for supporting me on this journey.”

Shepherd and McCarthy are both expected to finish out the show’s current season, which wraps the first week of August. Friday’s edition of the show is a pre-taped seg. It will be on hiatus next week, which encompasses the July 4 holiday, and return to live broadcasts on July 7.

“View” is heading into its 18th season this fall. There may well be more shakeups on both sides of the camera to come.

“ ‘The View’ will be moving in an exciting new direction next season and ABC has made decisions to evolve the show creatively,” ABC said in a statement after the news of Shepherd and McCarthy’s departures broke.


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  1. Elaine Herrnkind says:

    I love sherry. If whoopie left it would be over. It still might not be on my watch list after all these years. Why Sherry? A Mann–even Ross doesn’t belong there.

  2. elizabeth crannage says:

    so happy that sherrie’s sonorous voice will not be shouting down everyone–waited 7 years for someone to let us hear what whoppie has to say,instead of listening to sherrie scream her elementary school education at us.

  3. Peona Isdale says:

    As for Sherri, wish her the ver best in any new venture going forward…she is dealing with a whole lot this could not come at worse time for her. She annoyed me by always having the first, second, third and every word barely allowing another host or cohost the opportunity to get a word in. Since she loves Ms. Hasselbeck so much (racist that she is), perhaps she could join her and the other crazies at FOX…that should go over well (HA HA)!

  4. Peona Isdale says:

    Love Jenny McCarthy! Shame on the View for letting her walk after only one season. She brought clarity, humour and class to the show. Much as I love Whoopi, shall no longer watch.

  5. Cynthia Smith says:

    I have watched The View since the inception and I have enjoyed the different panel members….except for the “hard right” voices…I don’t much care for anyone who backed The Bush’s administrations. I was so excited when you got Rosie to come on board…and then she was gone! I love Whoppie, Sherrie, and Jenny. They are a “spicy” , intelligent, funny group of woman and I will miss them. The comments I have read here are hateful and mean… each woman brought some diversity to an ENTERTAINMENT SHOW! It’s not a hard hitting international news program … stop taking yourselves so seriously! As far as Barbara Walters goes… I respect her immensely for all the doors she opened and ceilings she broke, but she needed to retire in my opinion and if she is behind these changes…I think it will hurt your show. I am undecided whether I will continue to watch…. Sherry and Jenny … Bless you on your new adventures…. I know that the right situation is preparing for your arrival and I will be cheering you on! Whoppie … I LOVE your powerful voice and the humor you bring …. you’re awesome.

  6. Glad both Sherri and Jenny leaving – added nothing to show-jenny disrespect able to whoopi-Jenny is a has been-as sherri

  7. srvwp2013 says:

    “The View” should be gotten rid of entirely and we can all have some real dead air instead of the “dead air” that the people cough up. There is too much “make work” in America and not enough real work. “The View” is a total waste of resources. Programming such as “The View” has contributed to the degrading of America and the world.

  8. Ann says:

    They werre the only reason I would watch, I was so happy when Barbara retired. Now I don’t have to watch this show at all.

  9. Glad Sherry is leaving, never liked her anyway!

  10. Barbara Moore says:

    Maybe they could have REAL people take turns co-hosting. I’d like to do it for a day!!

  11. donnadc says:

    Actually am glad both are leaving. Have watched the show for a good while. I am homebound, and Whoopie and Barbara are my girls!! The other two were just irritating.I hope who ever replaces them are more like Whoopie (is there ANY ONE like Whoopie?????)

  12. S.P says:

    Sheri thought she was the stuff, (Glad she’s gone)

  13. Diana says:

    Jenny has never been my favorite. She personally has done so much damage to families who have a child with autism by supporting junk science. Sheri has become more strident and loudly annoying and lately her lack of topical research has been more obvious. I can say I will miss neither of them.

  14. WOW! Hooray, everyone I know stopped watching the show a long time ago. Half the time you had no idea what they were talking about anyway because no one ever got to finish a sentence. BTW, it was called the VIEW, not what YOUR KIDS do last night.

  15. Vincent Sanges says:

    Big mistake letting Jenny & Sherri go!!!!

  16. sharon hodges says:

    Why don’t you just change the name of the show to “Whoppi Goldberg’s Opinion”?

  17. Lily says:

    Sherri often displayed her lack of education. For example, repeatedly using non-words such as “agreeance”. Or calling. Secretary Clinton by her 1st name, and being reprimanded like a child by Barbara. Another highlight was when she declared she wasn’t sure if planet earth was flat—she had never thought about it, she said.
    Let the view get back some women with depth and gravitas again. No more airheads like Sherri or #sister Jenny. Meredith, Joy, Rosie come to mind. Smart women liked the View when it was intelligent.

  18. marcia says:

    I II have to agree with Patti in the not having a man on there. The show has survived nearly 20 years without one. I like when they have men guest thats okay. but not as a permanent thing… time will soon tell what the networks plan B, C, or even D will be..LOL

  19. Patti Wollman says:

    The View hasn’t been the same since Rosie @ Joy Left. Whoopi is nothing but a know it all annoyance. She’s only had one child who had a teenage pregnancy as well. That’s fine with me but what makes her think she has the experience to speak on motherhood, etc.. I’m 64 with 5 children & 6 grandchildren. I’ve been married to the same man for 42 years. I’ve lived a relatable life. If a man joins the View it’s the beginning of the end. An all women panel was its appeal. The women who watch this need at least one panelist they can identify with. I may not have agreed with Elisabeth’s politics but she represented a small but necessary portion of our country. Lets get it together ladies!

  20. Gloria King says:

    I liked the show in the past and enjoyed Jenny on the show. Loved seeing her in a dress most days and thought she brightened the show up. After Barbara, Joy, Sherry and Jenny leaving, I’m not watching it anymore. Whoopi gets on my nerves with her know it all attitude. She’s too opinionated for me! .

    • Diane says:

      Thank you for your comments. The show became a showcase for everyone’s agenda, it was hard to hear because everyone was talking. Also, it starting getting silly with pop-culture stories. That’s what entertainments shows are for. The view went far away from it’s start and was getting dumbed down.

  21. marcia says:

    I enjoyed the view when I was able to catch it. Sherri was okay, sometimes she would get on my nerves but I enjoyed them bantering ( most times) as for Jenny , she was a fresh face to the show, but not to sound ingnorant what exactly was ” her claim to fame” I don’t recall seeing anywhere else. Oh, well good luck to them all . Past and present.

    • marcia says:

      after reading the other post I had forgotten that Rosie was one of the past members. There are some strong views . of not wanting her back. C’mon folks, if she is being considered give her the chance. perhaps, she has mellowed a bit….

  22. I’m sorry I really thought Jenny was smart enough to just be pretending to be stupid. I guess I was wrong. They did give her an open invitation on VH1 to go back there and be the rappers delight , she’s much better at that.

  23. Michaela says:

    You have to laugh and shake your head at any show that takes itself serious and has Jenny McCarthy as a speaker…And I have to laugh at Becky Fisher and her comment. You thought McCarthy was a dumb blonde (she still is) until you found out whom she was engaged. WTH difference does that make? Please comment here for your reason.

  24. veronica says:

    absolute ditto to what Debbie said!

  25. Debbie says:

    I stopped watching because of the constant talking over one another, especially Sherri. Barbara was guilty of that also. I give Whoopi so much credit for how she’s handled them.. talk about patience. I can’t comment on Jenny because I haven’t watched since she joined the show but I can’t imagine she would add much to the show. Hire co hosts who have manners and who respect one another enough to listen! I’ve been enjoying the ladies of The Talk. ;) Do not bring back Elizabeth either.

  26. Becky Fisher says:

    What a shame. When Whoopi came in that was the best move. To bring Rosie back is a NO! Loud mouth bitch! She is not funny. I quit watching it when she was on. Whoopi can be funny, get a point across in a Whoopi way and still come out great! Sherri to me is the stabilizer (did I say that) yes of the group. You need a Sherri to be able to smooth things over when things get heated and yet put a heart into whatever happens. Jenny, I wasn’t sure of you when you first came on. Just thought dumb blonde. However then when I found out who you were engaged to (wow!) I see you now in a totally different light. You are a knock out in many ways besides looks.Also a caring person. I truly hate to see both of these 2 women go… Please don’t bring Rosie back on. You have the best in Whoopi…there is NO other. Maybe team Crystal, Williams and Whoopi for the first show in the fall! That would give you some ratings! Those are the 3 best. Rosie can’t carry a candle next to those!

    Sherri you and Jenny I wish you the best. Sherri you know the “MAN” upstairs. I am sure He will lead you in your life with your new husband. Good luck! Jenny and blessings to you and that awesome hunk you will be marrying. Wish you both the best in life. I never miss Blue Bloods. Since Whoopi came back I try and never miss the View! Hope whoever is in charge doesn’t mess up a great show. If it’s not broke why try to fix it?

  27. Bette Marten says:

    probably Barbara Walters is behind all this since she is a co executive on the View. She should have
    retired 10 years ago, She is a trouble maker and money hungry. Both Sherry and Jenny are a
    refreshing afternoon. So so long to the View for me if they all go.

    • Roscoe Quinn says:

      Sherry and Jenny refreshing?? Sherry was not the brightest star in the sky when she got to the show. However, she seemed to learn a bit in her seven years. Funny how they talked about everything but their own dirt on that show. Most days it was hard to know exactly what their views were because they constantly talked over each other. I’d rather see a new show with maybe voices with a background in journalism mixed in with the entertainer types.

  28. Judy says:

    Just took The View off my DVR after many years. It’s not the same without Barbara and Joy. I’m glad Sherri is leaving because she’s really annoying and I don’t think Jenny brings much to the show. Glad Whoopi is staying!

  29. Shay t says:

    Personally would like to see whoopie go, tired of her racist rants…as far jenny and Sherri I think they were ok. Would like to see Rosie back and a man or two. Bill rancic, Will Cain and Ross Mathews would be great. Would like to see a mixture, not all lefties either…

  30. Rosemarie says:

    How I wish these comments had Do not approve!
    I am so glad Whoppi will remain, thrilled Sherri & McCarthy are leaving!
    Bring back Joy, but NOT Rosie,Elizabeth or Ever Gosselin!

    • Ditto, I am with you. I stopped watching with because I could no longer take Sherri and a little Jenny. I like Jenny but not sure she was ever the right fit for the show. Definitely not another Elizabeth, to much conflict, she just never let anything go or let anyone talk. It would be great to have Joy back.

  31. mYRON gOLD says:


  32. claudia bell says:

    It is about time Jenny & Sherri is let go. They do not know how to conduct a show that was started by a woman that knows how to act. Sherri interrupted Barbara all the time. Jenny belongs at the playboy mansion. Whoppi can handle the show, she seldom ever degrades people. Don’t have someone on your show if you are going to degrade them. I have always liked Whoppi. Good luck to the view, without the two clowns.

  33. Chi D says:

    Sherry Shepard dragged the show down into the gutter. Good riddance !

  34. rlaffs says:

    Thank you so much….Sherri is OUTA THERE! Now that she is single again she will be back to hitting on everything that walks, just gags me. I hate the new focus on stars, gossip and selfies. Show us some respect for our intelligence. This blond blue eyed lady loves Whoopi, would be happy for Joy, Rosie or even Elizabeth to return. We need a conservative and a male to visit occasionally is great.
    I love the VIEW, please return it to the debate type of atmosphere that I fell in love with.

  35. Janine says:

    Whoopi is the only GREAT lady on the show!!! I hope she never leaves. Such a level head and I love just about everything that comes out of mouth. So sorry ted if you don’t like her — change the channel and leave the rest of us to enjoy her!!

  36. ted says:

    only way to make the show real,is to inflate the air on the Whoopi cushion, and show her the door.

  37. Steven says:

    They seem determined to hire a man, which Whoopi and many fans do not want. Never understood why they hired McCarthy as she added nothing. They also decided to stop covering politics and newsworthy events to focus on light fluff. It took away the edge and what made the View different from other shows. They should go back to the original idea. Without Joy, the show also lacks a comedic edge. Get 5 (not 4) women of different ages backgrounds and stages of life. 2014 is am election year. Hire at least 1 conservative (Hoover did ok) and a Hispanic woman. The Real is gonna target younger more diverse audience. I dont know if it will air at the same time but it will steal viewers if it does. The Talk has become a better more entertaining show

  38. Susan says:

    I am glad to see the changes.. It needs to be done..I hope they bring back the “thing” that made it successful in the beginning. I found myself yesterday choosing not to watch because I did not want to waste my time watching Sherri and Jenny. This was way before the announcement. Foreshadowing.. Maybe.. I miss the “smart” passion of The View..

  39. Susan says:


  40. Kaydie says:

    Will miss Jenny. I think she’s funny. Also, I must say that even though this View doesn’t have in-depth convos, and can be cheesy, it doesn’t make me turn the channel like Kelly and Michael do every single day. I will always watch the View!!!

  41. Rosemary R says:

    Jenny has a way of cutting into a person while they are making an important statement it irritates Whoopi a lot. Like someone in high school who has the best answers to score extra points for a teacher’s pop quiz! I had my doubts about her and Sherry should concentrate on her family got a lot on her plate personally and hope she finds quality time with her son with special needs I know they need that undivided love, patience, and attention!

  42. Tom says:

    Oh no. This can only mean one thing. Kate Gosselin is getting her hopes up again. Sigh. It might even happen this time.

  43. Sandy says:

    I haven’t watched since Meredith left. Not a very entertaining show *yawns*

  44. Rita Hughes says:

    I am glad they are leaving can we ask for Joy and Rosie to come back?

    • Rosemary R says:

      reply to Rita, I heard a rumor that Rosie maybe coming back and I miss Joy its not the same without her. I think Barbara reunion she seemed like she was still a little pissed. Joy told someone on TV she was forced out from the View we were in shock!

      • Steven says:

        Will never happen. And Rosie is one of the most polarizing and hard to work with people out there. She doesn’t play well with others

  45. HollywoodChristopher says:

    Glad to see a change no matter what it entails. Whooping is the best. The last month or so it seems to have lost some class. Odd co-hosts, odd segments etc. dare I say a little trashy ? My .02

    • Sharon Grooms says:

      I really liked Jenny at first but then she started acting like Sherri and that was her downfall. Then Sherri’s tweet was a joke. How can she claim to be a Christian and act so trashy and sex crazed all the time. She’s even using God as a reason for leaving the show. I will not miss her racisim and ego.

  46. Rita Hughes says:

    I would love to see Rosie o Donnell back on the view with Joy Behar

    • DeDe says:

      Those three women Whoopi, Joy & Rosie would not bring me back to watch the show. All three can be nasty, the nicest one is Whoopi. They need someone who is strong and can hold her own against any one and is true to her beliefs. Sherri was always talking about how religious she was, but she was willing to talk about others. That is not very Christian. As far as Jenny goes she should not have been on the view, the only thing I knew about her was the fact that she posed in playboy. Also, that there was a big debate about her views on childhood vaccines. Other than that I only saw her sometimes on television.

    • Joyce Worley says:

      hope whoopie stays sherry has changed use to like her now it is jeffrey jeffery……. go with her jenny the whoopy can take care of buisness she understands what the people want. thanks whoopy

  47. Shirley Solomon says:

    Sorry to see Sherri leaving. She has come a long way and is funny , entertaining, sincere and charming. YAY I am Thrilled that Jenny is leaving. She is stupid, uninformed, unintelligent, and incredibly boring. She’s like watching paint dry.
    Quite honestly nothing can save The View . It has run its course.

  48. Scott MacD says:

    “The View” became unwatchable when the brilliant Joy Behar was let go. ABC should simply put this screeching hen party out of its misery and replace it with “I Love Lucy” reruns.

  49. Sandy says:

    I will miss Sherri, she has been a great addition to the group. Jenny McCarthy, not so much. As for a man being targeted to replace the women, no. This show does just fine with the women taking different views. I don’t think a man would fit into the dynamics.

    • Steven says:

      They seem determined to hire a man. Whoopi is against it and it seems so are viewers. Its not the answer. Go back to the shows origins. And stop the stupid selfie thing and daily guest hosts. They replaced 2 long time hosts with 1 no personality,

  50. NicksMom says:

    Glad to see Sherri go! She is a loud mouth. Obnoxious and annoying.

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