Relativity Television is gearing up to produce a reality program based on the players of the Legends Football League, the seven-on-seven women’s tackle football league that grew out of the Super Bowl halftime television special known as the Lingerie Bowl.

LFL Films, the media arm of the league, will oversee production from the league with Mitchell Mortaza serving as executive producer and Omar Mortaza as producer. Relativity Television’s Tom Forman and Ellen Rakietien of Ellen Rakieten Entertainment (ERE), a division of Relativity Television, will oversee production.

“We have enjoyed amazing success in building the frame-work for a global sport. What we have lacked is the story-telling aspect of the sport and its athletes. With Relativity Television and Ellen Rakieten Entertainment, we have one of the most accomplished and respected groups in television. Having a partner in Ms. Rakieten, who’s expertise in building properties that empower women such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and Trisha Yearwood, are invaluable,” said Mortaza.