Chuck Lorre got a lot of laughs at the Producers Guild Awards on Sunday with a funny bit about having peeked at Ben Affleck’s manhood while in the men’s room during the Golden Globe Awards.

Now Lorre is continuing his commentary on Affleck’s organ on his trademark vanity cards that will air after Monday’s episodes of CBS’ “Mike and Molly” and “Mom.” Lorre famously pens an original message each week on the vanity card that flashes during the end credits. This time around it is a members-only affair, according to informed sources.

In accepting a career achievement kudo from the PGA, Lorre confessed that when he found himself standing next to Affleck at a urinal, he scoped out the size of the actor-director’s penis. He assured the crowd that Affleck (pictured) is sufficiently endowed to take on the role of the Dark Knight — a casting choice that spurred much commentary when it was announced last fall.

“Yes, Comic-Con, Ben Affleck can play Batman,” Lorre joked. Affleck got his own guffaws later in the PGA ceremony for joking that he managed to miss his big moment.

Word is that Lorre decided to keep up the Affleck bit on his vanity card real estate in part to gain a little more attention for “Mom,” the freshman comedy starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney as a mother and daughter who are recovering alcoholics.