Arts network Ovation has partnered with Film Independent to be the premier sponsor for the 2014 Film Independent Directors Close-Up Series and the “Dinner and a Movie” Salon Series.

The Directors Close-Up series offers filmmakers and film lovers an opportunity to hear firsthand from the most prominent directors working today, such as “Gravity’s” Alfonso Cuaron. The program is one night a week from Feb.-March 2014 at The Landmark – West Los Angeles.

“At Ovation, we recognize film as one of the most-significant art forms impacting our culture today,” said SVP of programming, Ovation Scott Woodward. “It is a great pleasure to be working with Josh Welsh and everyone at Film Independent to cast the spotlight on the incredible work of some of the most-innovative and inspiring independent filmmakers today.”

Ovation will work with Film Independent for the “Dinner and a Movie” series as well. It is invitation-only events that include a screening of a film, curated and programmed by Film Independent followed by a dinner and discussion with filmmakers, donors, and leaders in the filmmaking community.

Ovation is an independent cable channel that is engaged with the arts both nationally and locally, providing more than $15 million in contributions to support community organizations, cultural institutions, and arts education programs.