Netflix to Stream ‘Arrow’ in October as Warner Bros. Promotes Second Season of Series on Home Video

Show's second season is available on DVD by mail on Netflix

Arrow Season 2 to be released on homevideo on Sept. 16

Disc sales are trumping marketing-by-binge-streaming when it comes to the CW’s “Arrow.”

The second season of the superhero show won’t start streaming on Netflix until Oct. 8, the same day as its third season debut. Just last month, Netflix had included the show on a list of new TV shows and movies that would start streaming on the service on Sept. 14.

Updated: Netflix erroneously provided Sept. 14 as the date for when the second season of “Arrow” would become available, and Oct. 8 always was the intended date, Variety has confirmed. Netflix is still making the DVD for “Arrow’s” second season available to rent on DVD by mail.

In the past, networks have benefitted from ratings bumps as viewers binge watched past seasons of shows to catch up with storylines.

Warner Home Video, however, has money to make with “Arrow’s” second season debuting on DVD, Blu-ray and all digital platforms Sept. 16.

And the homevideo release is packed with extra features that the studio and the CW hope will entice fans and series newcomers to open their wallets.

Features include a 25-minute documentary, “From Vigilante to Hero;” “How Did They Do That?!” a look at the special effects sequences created for the show; and “Wirework: The Impossible Moves of Arrow,” exploring the stunts and fight sequences.

The release will also include the show’s 2013 Comic-Con panel, deleted scenes and gag reel.

Under pressure to boost the revenue generated by homevideo releases, “Arrow,” with its strong fan following and buzz surrounding its upcoming third season, packed with the appearance of high-profile comicbook villains like Ra’s al Ghul, could provide further incentive to widen a series’ distribution window with Netflix should sales pick up.

Retailers are pricing the nine-disc Blu-ray combo pack at $44.99, while the five-disc DVD pack is $34.99. The show is also available on Apple’s iTunes for $49.99.

Select episodes of the second season are available on the CW’s website.