MSNBC has pacted with social media startup Vocativ to develop stories and track Internet trends for various NBCUniversal TV Group platforms.

Pact will focus on producing stories and segments for MSNBC shows, including the new 1 p.m. daily entry hosted by Ronan Farrow.

“Vocativ gives MSNBC even more tools to enhance our storytelling capabilities,” said MSNBC prexy Phil Griffin. “Our audience is always looking for smart, original reporting. The collaboration with Vocativ extends our ability to connect them with fresh voices and perspectives from around the world.”

Vocativ claims to have proprietary technology that allows it to sweep the vast expanse of the Internet better than most search engines. The company bills itself as telling “bold, unique news stories for a global audience.”

“Our proprietary technology lets us identify and analyze open data signals that are lost in the vast sea of digital information,” said Vocativ founder Mati Kochavi. “What sets Vocativ apart is our ability to separate the signal from the noise in billions of conversations happening around the world.”