MipTV: BBC Worldwide Sells ‘The Musketeers’ Wide

BBC Worldwide also inked deals on "Southcliffe," "Fleming," "Hidden Kingdom," "Monkey Revealed"

MipTV: BBC Worldwide Sells 'The Musketeers'

PARIS– In the run-up to MipTV, BBC worldwide, the distribution arm of the British broadcaster, has closed a flurry of deals of “The Musketeers,” the contempo TV makeover of Alexandre Dumas’ classic French novel.

Gallic DTT channel NT1 has picked up the first season and pre-bought the second order.

Other sales were closed with SKY (New Zealand), TVE Spain, RTP Portugal, HRT (Croatia), Ren TV (Russia), ETV (Estonia), LTV (Latvia), SPI (Pan C&EE and Poland), MTVA (Hungary), Prime Media (Kazakhstan), KBS (South Korea), Netflix and BBC Channels in Latin America.

“High quality, entertaining drama will always find an audience and the continued popularity of ‘The Musketeers’ with channels globally proves this. I’m particularly interested to see how French audiences embrace this new take on Dumas’ swashbuckling heroes (and villains),” said Paul Dempsey, prexy of global markets for BBC Worldwide.

Set on the streets of 17th-century Paris, the series – comprising 10 one-hours — follows the epic adventures of Athos, Aramis and Porthos, three inseparable bodyguards for King Louis XIII who are committed to upholding justice.

“The Musketeers” was produced by BBC Drama Prods.. BBC Worldwide and BBC America co-produced. It launched at the BBC Worldwide’s Showcase event in February.

The show has also been snatched up by broadcasters in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey.

Sandra Petkovic, head of French-speaking territories for BBC Worldwide, told Variety of a number of Gallic deals closed on key drama and docu titles, notably “Hidden Kingdom,” “Monkey Revealed,””Southcliffe,” “Fleming.”

French pubcaster France 2 acquired “Hidden Kingdom,” a three-part natural history docu series taking a microscopic look at nature and the lives of tiny animals, and “Monkeys Revealed,” a docu spanning the globe in search of apes, monkeys and lemurs. “Monkey” has also been acquired by Sweden’s SVT and Wowow in Japan,” while “Kingdom” has been nabbed by NHU and Discovery, CCTV, RTL and France Televisions, has been sold to NTV (Turkey), Canal Plus (Spain), KBS (Korea) and Wowow (Japan).

BBC Worldwide’s MipTV slate also includes Hugo Blick’s “The Honorable Woman,” which will world premiere at the mart on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, Canal Plus Series, the recently launched channel dedicated to skeins, has nabbed Channel 4’s “Southcliffe,” a compelling four-part show centering a small-town spree shooting. Told through multiple point of views in a non-linear way, “Southcliffe” depicts events leading to the tragedy and its aftermath.

“Southcliffe illustrates the type of shows French networks are looking for now: it’s character driven, with a strong concept and it’s got an edge,” said Petkovic.

Arte acquired the BBC America mini-series “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond” which turns on  the military career of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, played by Dominic Cooper.

BBC Worldwide’s MipTV also include Hugo Blick’s “The Honorable Woman” and David Goyer’s “Da Vinci’s Demons.”