The plastic horns began hooting in the streets of the capital two days before the official kick off of the FIFA World Cup, as the nation is deep in futbol fever. The biggest slice of auds will hands-down go to Televisa, which has truly gone all out this year for Cup madness.

Televisa’s terrestrial net will have three daily special broadcasts centered on the Cup. It will also be broadcasting over-the-air matches nightly at 10 p.m. on both channel 5 and channel 2 on the weekends with a preview show at 9 p.m. The conglom will also be re-focusing much of its regular daytime news and variety shows to Cup coverage. Its cable slate will be offering even more exclusive coverage with Televisa-owned cabler Cablevision claiming it will be showing 10 matches that no one else will on TV in Mexico on the various TDN cable channels, which are also running programming throughout the Americas.

The net’s online sports hub Televisadeportes.com will be showing every match as well as the opening and closing ceremonies as well as 40 matches and news analysis programs available for repeat view via VOD to all of Latin America except in Argentina and Brazil. It will also be provided a half-dozen specialized programs available online with titles like “Heroes and Villains” and “Samba and Soccer.”

No. 2 conglom Azteca is not to be left out. Thanks to a ruling last year, there can be no exclusivity for over-the-air broadcasts of events like the World Cup and the Olympics. The channel, which accounts for about 20% to 25% of market share, will be running head-to head with Televisa, likewise converting most of its daytime programming into Cup coverage.

While the nation’s top exhib Cinepolis continues has been running live sports events in theaters for several years now, the chain is going all out for the Cup with many of its theaters, opting for matches over summer blockbusters and tickets running about $3.75 each.

Even Canal 22, the publicly funded arts and culture channel is getting in on the action with a daily wrap up show titled “De Zurda” (From Lefty), hosted by Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona every night through July 13. The channel will also transmit the show to its U.S. outlets in select cable markets.