Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity Hit New Ratings Highs With Crisis Coverage

Megyn Kelly Power of Women: New

Coverage of both the Malaysia Airlines downed over Ukraine and unrest in the Gaza region helped two Fox News Channel programs reach new total-audience highs, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.

The 21st Century Fox cable outlet’s “The Kelly File” delivered a high in total viewership, notching nearly 3.2 million viewers, while “Hannity” reached a new high of nearly 2.58 million viewers, according to Nielsen. “Hannity” also set a new record for viewers between 25 and 54, the demographic most attractive to advertisers in news programming, reaching 615,000.

Fox News was the most-watched cable-news network during Thursday coverage of the event, Nielsen said. Fox News averaged over 3 million viewers in primetime and nearly 600,000 among viewers between 25 and 54. Fox News averaged 1.5 million in total viewers for the viewing day and 313,000 among viewers between 25 and 54.

CNN also saw viewership surge. In primetime, CNN delivered its highest daily total viewership and 25-54 audience since its broadcast of the State of the Union address on January 2. The Time Warner outlet said it notched 1.2 million viewers in primetime overall while luring about 488,000 viewers in the demo. In total day, CNN lured its highest daily total audience and 25-54 viewership since its March 24 coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CNN captured an average of 699,000 in total viewers and an average of 247,000 between the ages of 25 and 54.

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  1. Peter Redman says:

    The issue of the English language is well defined at the majority of Texas Holdem poker tournaments in most parts of USA.
    English is the only allowed language, when other people speak any foreign language the etiquette is: that is rude and after a warning penalties get implimented .
    Jeb Bush is rude to us Americans whom do not speak Spanish when he does so on tv.
    Please ask viewers their opinions.

  2. Peter Redman says:

    Dear Sean, enjoyed your visit with Glenn Beck Monday evening. We need more of him.
    While your interview with man regarding the “The Great Mexican Wall. “Name it like the great Wall of China!
    But, during this interview the man ended with a tremendous immigration issue. This Major political issue not explored which maybe greater than Mexico is how Asian, especially Chinese pay women to come to US and bear children whom as we know due to the 4th amendment, create Chinese American citizens.
    Just how many Chinese ( ASIAN ) women give birth each year? Bet it’s HUGE!
    Let’s get some true facts!
    Next, how bug is IS IS in the USA?
    Keep up good work!
    Pete Redman maine

  3. Kelly is smart, beautiful, and was a former prosecutor. I’d love to see her debate Madcow or Toure and make them cry. All other networks are a joke. You want truth stick to Fox. What the media has done to this country is a crime. Not reporting on major news stories to protect the boy king man child.

  4. hkinsey3 says:

    CNN recorded a 50% surge in viewers over the past two nights. They had 4 viewers last night but only 2 the night before. Kudos to CNN.

    • BigHat says:

      Math comes hard to you I see. So funny when someone thinks they’re clever but just show that they’d fail 3rd grade math. 2 to 3 viewers would be the 50% increase.

  5. frankreed1 says:

    Gotta tell ya, hannity needs to go to pasture and kelly os WAAAAAAY over rated!!! She misses her lines more than she gets em!!! Hannities little gestures remind me of mccains infamous tomahawk, like the screeching on a chaulk board!!
    I’m a conservative & a republican.

  6. I like Megyn, I don’t like Hannity. I don’t watch Hannity, and now I am giving up on Megyn too. She delivers the news like a machine, tac, tac, tac. I can’t stand the tone. In addition, she almost salivated when she told us that she had major news and then came up with that translated tape supposedly Russian and rebels communicating. I might even say Megyn struck me as gleeful and I thought it was in bad taste. After all with a tragedy like that it would behoove any news reader to exhibit a minimum of decorum. Tac, tac, tac, tac…..

    • Sam Bigger says:

      Tat tat tat is a great way to get the news without having to take a lot of time doing it. Hannity is one of only a handful willing to address the issues. Of course, Megyn is a member of that group

    • GozieBoy says:

      Emilie, you make no sense whatsoever.

  7. Robin says:

    The Obama stations know there are losing money regarding the news. They make it up on other programs. Basically it is like a compaign donation to the progressives on a massive scale. You do know the CEO of ge aka msnbc is a advisor to Obama.

  8. Reblogged this on That's Freedom You Hear! and commented:
    Let the Fox News hating commence!

  9. Salvatore says:

    Oh I should add one more thing. Why do you even care about CNN coverage if you love Fox. Why do you hate MSNBC if you watch CNN? People you have choices. Lots and lots of choices. Do you see how ridiculous you sound bashing another channel. Kinda sad. It’s as if you tune into the other channel to simply make yourself mad. Why is that? I don’t listen to country music…but I wouldn’t bash it because obviously there is a market for it. I don’t tune into it, to make myself mad or mock those who like it. I’m completely fascinated with this. Yes Fox is obviously conservative – great tune in a celebrate your channel. Yes MSNBC loves the left – great go watch that if that’s your preference. But why you tune in to the other side is funny. Free yourselves of this anger and sadness…then the noise will slowly quiet.

  10. Salvatore says:

    Good for Fox News! Good for CNN too! Seriously, I can’t believe people have the patience to sit through the news anymore. I can’t believe people actually argue over whose coverage is better. Its like cheering for a typewriter or fax machine. It’s a dying form of media. Magazines failing, newspapers gone. Sorry to all those electronically challenged folks out there. Remember when there were three networks and folks tuned into six o’clock news. Long gone now. So will cable news go too one day. I’d love to see the numbers of viewers younger than 40. It has to be staggering low. The next generation will kill off the news shows….there are far too many ways to get news instantly now.

    • Fred Bangs says:

      Salvatore, you’re so astute. Really, why watch Fox, CNN, or any other news when you have Jon Stewart and Bill Maher for insightful, unbiased news coverage. I think it’s time for your meds dude. Will that be grape or cherry Koolaid tonight?

      • Fred, you are so right. Young people have been so indoctrinated by the dumbed down gubment educators that they just bounce their way through life not knowing much of anything. Just what the Left wants. Low info electorate…perfect. (sarc)

      • Salvatore says:

        Why do you EVEN care about JS or BM? Why does their opinion bother you? You have a remote…turn the channel. No one is forcing you to watch them. Do you like Rush Limbaugh…then listen to him. Hannity? Watch him. Jon Stewart? The DONT watch him. That’s my point. If I drink grape Kool;aid – I wont go around bashing Crystal Light. Fred relax a bit, you will feel better

    • These two Fox shows are news AND commentary. Viewers like the live commentary and guests with opinions and the interchange. One doesnt get that on the internet-well, maybe u do…

      • Fred Bangs says:

        Salvatore, I don’t watch Jon Stewart. Life is too short to waste on that. Unfortunately, I am treated to his “wisdom” from other sources. I do check many sources for news and opinion. It is informative to keep up on what the Obamatrons are disseminating under the guise of “news”. As far as getting factual information from the internet…I have a hard time relying on a 20 something blogging in his underwear from his mother’s basement. I did once read on the internet that “Bush flew those planes into the WorldTrade Towers and that evil Dick Cheney had Haliburton pre-rig the buildings with dirty fuel oil bombs”. Hey, it was on the internet so, it must be true. Lmao

  11. DO DAHH says:

    Only place you can get real news anymore without all the liberal slant. Go figure

  12. I thought Fox News was all lies. That’s what I read on the internet!

  13. Rtheone says:

    I love fox news and I am conservative why dont these rating show up on election night?

  14. YouGotToBeKiddingMe says:

    It’s the brain drain, their brains are draining.

  15. Snookylou says:

    Americans love their fiction.

    • Len says:

      Keep your head buried in your self deprecating blindness, so the rest of the world can’t see you. You are psychologically hurting yourself, in a big way. You speak negatively about something you don’t experience and only parrot what your blind, hateful cronies are parroting. You’re wasting away and you can’t even see it. Learn to love yourself, in a healthy way. Peace to you.

  16. houx says:

    Magan take over O’reilly’s spot. He is too wishy washy and like Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore show.

  17. bluesky says:

    I think Barry has a crush on Vlad.

  18. bluesky says:

    Megyn Kelly isn’t bad.

  19. Jane S. says:

    Go, Fox!

  20. AZWarrior says:

    The abject failure of the broadcast news outlets (NBC, ABC, CBS) to report without spin and leftwing bias is the reason Fox News is strongly viewed by Americans. Yes they default to the center right but at least they cover the failures of the current administration. Instead of trying to muzzle Fox News, perhaps the broadcast news outlets should drop the leftwing fanboy reporting and just do some basic honest journalism. They would be amazed at the public’s lack of need to have their opinions given to them by the media. But then again, that may not be possible for the Cult of the Left at this point.

  21. Mike Johnson says:

    This is a example of how the conservative media lies. The conservative media sees conservatives as being intellectually lazy, cognitively challenged are poorly educated.

    “Another key factor coming from May ratings is just how old Fox News viewers are. Take for example, Bill O’Reilly’s show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” O’Reilly had his lowest month since 2001 in the key demo, with 308,000 viewers. Yes, O’Reilly is still the No. 1 program in cable news in both total and demo viewers, averaging 2,136,000 total viewers in May. But the majority of those viewers are over the age of 55. In fact, the median age for O’Reilly is now just over 72 years old. The average Fox News viewer overall is 68.8, while the average ages of MSNBC and CNN viewers were 62.5 and 62.8, respectively.”

    “Media stock analysts Craig Moffett and Michael Nathanson recently noted, “The pay-TV industry has reported its worst 12-month stretch ever.” All the major TV providers lost a collective 113,000 subscribers in Q3 2013.”

    Old folks who are senile and approaching death choose Fox News while people who are sharp enough to learn and to embrace the technologies that define the Information Age are not watching TV.

    We see why Fox News viewers believe any lie Fox News, who believes they are fools, tells them.

    • Claire L. Alexander says:

      Ridiculous comment. It may be impossible for you to ever achieve any level of maturity but it is certain that you will grow older with each passing year. Those young people you mention are watching television when they are not on their laptops, talking on their phones or posting on Facebook or other social media. Unfortunately, they know how to operate all the fancy devices but have very little actual knowledge of the real world.

    • 3x Amen. The young people I know DO obtain their news from comedy shows and that is incredible.

    • Sensible American says:

      I meant to say “If being old means…”

    • Rita says:

      You are a nit wit. I am old but not senile, I may be approaching death but so are you. 62year olds are not watching TV? What are they doing with the technologies that define the Information Age? What a difference 10 years makes in the maturity of a person.

    • Fred Doe says:

      So link to one or two of these lies you fool. Not opinion pieces, lies. I will say “I thought not” ahead of time.

    • Fred Bangs says:

      Mike, the demo you’re so hung up on is much too busy watching “Naked Dating”. It takes a certain amount of “gray matter” to comprehend actual news. Go back to MSNBC dude, you’re out of your league.

    • Fre says:

      Mike…. Megyn and Sean just got a bump in that ‘younger demo’ you say is not there.

      “The 21st Century Fox cable outlet’s “The Kelly File” delivered a high in total viewership, notching nearly 3.2 million viewers, while “Hannity” reached a new high of nearly 2.58 million viewers, according to Nielsen. “Hannity” also set a new record for viewers between 25 and 54, the demographic most attractive to advertisers in news programming, reaching 615,000.”

    • Gina Urbina says:

      Nice ageism there.

      • Joan Lussier says:

        Not all of Fox news viewers are old. Maybe O’Reilly ( which I can not stand) I like Megyn Kelly and
        Neil Cavuto. How can you call them liars, when they show events live just like all of the other stations
        do? I watch the Sundays shows and most of them report on the same subject matters of the week.
        There are also many liberals that come on their shows.
        They do have younger viewers and anchors FYI.

      • Eric Foster says:

        Excellent, excellent your essay is a great example of how progressive liberal minds like yours works! Thanks Mike, keep ’em coming!

  22. Rc Flyer says:

    The so called Main Street media in reality is the State run media not much different from what you see out of Russia

  23. Russ Smith says:

    Neither have been on the air for 60 years.

  24. AmericanEagle1392 says:

    Americans are FINALLY realizing where to go for the TRUTH in proper context.

  25. Pete says:

    She is an educated attorney , I think she can speak well enough Heidi !

  26. jdog123 says:

    right on point. everyone thinks fox is over-paying, but that’s the price of freedom. Murdoch knows, he’ll be at a break even in 6 mos. with ad buys.

  27. PaulInPittsburgh says:

    MSNBC and CNN remain on the air and are not hemorrhaging money, only viewers, because like the vast majority of channels on CATV and SATV, they are subsidized through the practice of forced bundling. The major media companies can force any number of channels nobody wants or watches on to the provider companies by including them in a take it or leave it bundle along with the few people do watch. Consumers are then forced to pay for these channels if they want any cable or satellite service at all. The arrangement is even further complicated by the fact several of the traditional cable providers and the media companies which produce the content (channels) have cross ownership stakes in each other which allows them to set the price for these undesired bundles and force it onto telecos offering TV services, independent cable and satellite companies. There have been numerous attempts to end this arrangement and allow consumers the option of picking and paying for only those channels they want but Democrats view these as reliable outlets for their talking points have received heavy financial incentives from Hollywood and the media companies which benefit from the arrangement have blocked them. Go to the website how cable should be dotcom should you wish to learn more and join the effort to end this unethical practice.

  28. sSu Orvik says:

    I’m with you, I rarely watch CNN but, eager to get the most info I tuned in and found them to be doing a very good job. They had people on the ground, at the crash site, and were doing a very good job. They must have learned something from the earlier Malaysian plane disappearance, so good on them.

  29. John Barnett says:

    Yea, your comment explains why she has such high ratings, your comment really makes you look like an uneducated nut.

  30. Actually according to Punditfact they are the most uninformed/dishonest cable news channels with about a 60% false news percentage…..

  31. Actually according to Punditfact they are the most uninformed/dishonest cable news channels with about a 60% false news percentage…..

  32. Jim Stribling says:

    Get your damn drop down ad off my phone. I can’t get rid I of it and it takes up almost all of my screen. I have no interest in you news and will never look at it, subscribe to it, or have any interest in any of your news coverage.

  33. Kj says:

    Fox doesn’t even touch on the real news either,free your mind ,cut cable from your soul

  34. Darin says:

    Crapper. Stupid spell check.

  35. pie says:

    It’s usually “fox friends” at 3 in the morning that saves my life every night.

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