Mark Pedowitz: The CW Audience is ‘Broadening Out’

'Breaking Pointe' cancelled, while exec feels 'bullish' about 'Flash' series prospects

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For a net known for sudsy young adult dramas, CW prez Mark Pedowitz quipped that his head of sales is “very happy these days” as the net continues to broaden out its core audience to include more men and adults beyond the 18-34 age bracket. CW credits this broadening to programs like “Arrow,” along with broader comedic shows like the revived “Whose Line.”

Nevertheless, the CW knows where it’s strengths lie: “We are a high concept/fantasy meets serialized drama” programmer, the topper told journos at the CW’s TCA exec session. “We look for those type of shows.”

Much of the executive session focused on the status of current and developing series. Pedowitz informed journalists that ballet reality show “Breaking Pointe” has been cancelled after struggling to gain traction on the net’s airwaves, despite a strong showing on digital platforms.

“I wish it did better,” Pedowitz lamented. “I am a big fan of the show. Docusoaps are very hard for broadcast networks to get going, as opposed to cable.”

Decisions regarding the renewals of hourlong dramas “Beauty and the Beast” and “Carrie Diaries” will be made in May, and Pedowitz offered little hint as to which way the network is swaying aside from being “happy” with the creative direction of the shows. Pedowitz said he feels “bullish” about the prospects of “Arrow” spinoff “Flash” making it to series, and dispelled any concerns that Fox’s Batman origin series “Gotham” will overlap conceptually with CW programs, many of which hail from the DC Comics universe. Lauren Graham’s CW adaptation of her book “Someday, Someday” has made some progress — the script is in, Pedowitz said, calling it “excellent.”

The prez also joked about the consistently high ratings of “Supernatural,” saying that so long as the actors have steam in them, he hopes to keep the show going.

Pedowitz also tackled the topic du jour at TCAs — pilot season. He explained that the pilot process has been “very efficient” for the CW, as a solid number of pilots are ordered to series at the net — often more than half.

“I hope it works out well [for Fox],” Pedowitz said, referring to Fox head Kevin Reilly’s remarks about ditching pilot season entirely. “But pilot season works well for us…You learn things you wouldn’t see otherwise.”