In a year when tectonic shifts have occurred with departures and arrivals of major talents such as Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler and David Letterman, veteran comedian Louis C.K. was asked for his take on the changes and where it’s all going. Besides, one of the best episode arcs on his FX comedy “Louie” was a wildly funny if often rueful riff on his own possible suitability to take on a latenight TV show of his own.

“The reason that latenight TV persists is pretty basic,” the comedian said in a recent interview with Variety. “Whether it’s Conan or Letterman or Kimmel, a lot of it is practical. It takes about 100 people to produce a show, and you have guests who you pay nothing and the same with your music guests, and you just pump them out and make a profit.”

C.K. said latenight TV is “where the national conversation is happening. It’s where we all talk to each other and feel we’re in the stream with the community.”

In assessing the latenight personnel who’ve come and gone, C.K. noted that “what’s interesting about all the changes taking place is that even though Jimmy Fallon is the most different, he’s still the guy with the skyline, the desk and the band.” C.K. said Fallon has garnered his attention because “his voice is so smart and he’s such a sweet guy, and he is the guy who has totally changed the tempo and the feeling of latenight.”