SEOUL — Korean animation firm, Studio Mir has forged a 4-year contract with DreamWorks Animation spanning four animated TV series.

Each series is expected to be a 78-episode 2-D show.

Significantly, the two companies are set to co-develop and co-produce. Details of the financing and ultimate distribution were not disclosed.

“The contract between DreamWorks and Studio Mir is a landmark in that it is a partnership of equals,” said Yoo Jae-myung, founder and CEO of Mir.

The company is known in the U.S. for its “Legend of Korra,” which plays on Nickelodeon and was pitched to fans at last month’s Comic-Con.

Korean companies have often been sub-contractors on international TV shows and animated films – a large portion of the animation of “The Simpsons” is handled by Korean firms including Anivision and AKOM – but they have rarely been full co-producers or co-owners of the IP.

“This contract is a solid opportunity for the entire Korean animation industry to create a better workforce and infrastructure in the field of animation,” said Yoo.