John Oliver returned to his old stomping ground, “The Daily Show,” on Thursday night to brag to former boss Jon Stewart about his new HBO hosting gig.

Aside from the lighter work schedule, the former “Daily Show” correspondent, who filled in as host for Stewart last summer, said his show “Last Week Tonight” gives him the freedom to swear and dress freely. 

“HBO lets me curse my f**king cock off,” Oliver said. “And the nudity, Jon. I’m pantsless in my first three episodes.”

Oliver joked that he didn’t understand what that “weird beeping sound” was following his f-bomb.

“I get it. HBO is a wonderland of expletives and a forest of dongs,” Stewart said.

“Oh, you’ve seen Game of Thrones then,” Oliver quipped.

Oliver told Variety that he will soon return the favor and invite Stewart as a guest on his show.

“I would love to have him on the show,” he said. I don’t have any (immediate) plans in terms of how we’ll do it. We’ll come up with something. I’m five blocks away from his office.”

Another “Daily Show” alum, Stephen Colbert, visited Stewart earlier this week. David Letterman’s “Late Show” replacement told Stewart that he’s leaving “The Colbert Report” because he’s “won television.” “At this point, I’m just running up the score,” he joked.

“Last Week Tonight” premieres Sunday on HBO.

Watch the video below: