Relish these remaining latenight memories, Jimmy Fallon fans. As of the upcoming episode of the “Late Night,” the pickle has been passed and Seth Meyers has “officially” been welcomed as the new host of the talk show.

Wait. What’s this about a pickle?

As part of a tradition preserved since the days of David Letterman, departing “Late Night” hosts and their staffs bestow a giant plastic pickle upon the new host. As Fallon tells it in this video from 2009, he got the pickle from Conan O’Brien — who received it from David Letterman’s staff. For a crisper spin, tonight’s episode marks the first time the exchange will happen on screen.

Fallon, of course, is leaving the “Late Night” after February 6 to become the new host of “The Tonight Show” on February 17. Seth Meyers’ first “Late Night” episode airs February 24.

Tune into NBC at 12:35 a.m. Wednesday morning to see the deli-cious exchange.