Seth Rogen returned for a third hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live,” and it took less than five minutes for it to become a cameo-filled event.

Among the stars who appeared was Rogen’s longtime friend and frequent co-star James Franco, who recently became embroiled in a controversy involving a 17-year-old Scottish girl and an apparent pick-up attempt over Instagram. Rogen made light of the buzz, reading from a journal he said he kept during his work this time around on “SNL.”

“They read all the sketches out loud, I didn’t feel like I did great,” Rogen said. “So to make myself feel better, I decided to prank James Franco. I posed as a girl on Instagram, told him I was way young. He seemed unfazed. I have a date to meet him at the Ace Hotel.”

Franco was not happy about the supposed prank — he complained to Rogen that he had been waiting at the Ace Hotel for some time.

Zooey Deschanel was also in tow, toting her ukulele. In perhaps the most random appearance, Taylor Swift entered the stage near the end of the skit, yet in context, her justification for her cameo made sense.

“You’re getting really upset, and whenever a man shows emotion, I appear,” Swift told Rogen, who was getting fed up with the constant cameos.

Watch the full video below: