Israeli television executives, buoyed by the success of “Homeland,” above, “In Treatment” and gameshows like “Rising Star,” have launched a $55 million fund to nurture the development of TV funds for the international market.

The so-called TV Format Fund, founded by business mogul Amir Bramly and industry vet Alon Dolev, offers a much-needed injection of dollars into the cash-strapped Israeli content market, where notoriously small budgets have been credited with fostering the creative thinking that put its content on the global map. Initial funds were raised by Bramly’s Rubicon Business Group, an Israeli holdings company, and the fund’s first investment, Reuters said Monday, is a “Candid Camera”-like gameshow called “Mission Is Possible.”

“Israel has experienced an enormous and outsized success in exporting television formats,” the TV Format Fund says on its website, likening the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking of its television industry to that of its high-tech sector. “The Fund’s goal is to both increase the volume of commercial activity and number of Israeli TV quality formats, as well as broaden the variety of bold new ideas that might not otherwise have an opportunity to be evaluated.”