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‘Homeland’ Shocker: New Episode Offers a Big Surprise

Warning: Major Spoilers from Sunday night's episode in the below post

'Homeland' Shocker: New Episode Offers a
Courtesy of Showtime

Sunday night’s episode of “Homeland” featured another shocking twist, this time it was a ghost of the CIA drama’s deadly past.


Showtime had warned journalists on Friday that season four’s seventh installment, titled “Redux,” would not be available for viewing beforehand, usually a hint that something big was in the water. But media and fans of the show alike had no idea what (or whom) exactly was waiting for them Sunday night.

And then he appeared.

Brody, who was executed at the end of season three, returned from the dead on Sunday to a shocked, albeit very sick Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in an emotional final scene.

“”Is it really you?!” she cried. “I saw you! You were dead!”

“Yes it is me,” he assured her.

That’s right–Nicholas Brody has returned to “Homeland.”

Well, sort of.

Before her big ‘reunion’ with Brody, Carrie unknowingly had her bipolar medication tampered with by the ambassador’s creepy husband, leaving her disoriented, stammering and quite delusional.

Running out of a hospital earlier in the night in an effort to find Saul, recently kidnapped by ISI, Carrie wandered the streets of Pakistan, where she later hallucinated a shootout with two mysterious men, in which she shot and killed both of them, before realizing that she did not, in fact, have a gun in her hand.

“Your mind’s playing tricks on you, you’ve had a rough night,” Brody whispered in her ear.

The two men from the above ‘shootout’ had taken her to a mansion shortly after her arrest where she reunited with her ex-lover Brody, who looked surprisingly healthy and calm.

“Why are you so cold?” she asked.

Before he could answer she embraced him again.

But after curling into a ball and whimpering “Brody, Brody, Brody” on his sleeve, the camera revealed that Carrie was never actually talking to Brody but rather the young Pakistani general Aasar Khan (Razaa Jaffrey), who has recently been working with the ISI.

That’s right–Brody was entirely an illusion.

What does the special guest appearance mean? Soon enough, fans of the show will probably find out, perhaps with a few more twists and turns along the way.

Until then, Brody is still dead and gone and Carrie Mathison is still very much unstable.