HONG KONG – “Prisoners of War,” the Israeli series that was adapted as “Homeland,” has been licensed as a format for South Korean remake.

The rights were sold by Keshet International to Star J Entertainment. The show is to be produced in partnership with Jeong Young-beom, Sebastian Lee and Teddy Zee. Rising star, Kim Nam-gil (Pirates: The Bandit Goes To The Sea,” and TV’s “Queen Seondeok”), is set to star.

Packaging the concept and the talent is common practice in Korea. No broadcaster is yet attached.

The Star J deal is the fourth time that “Prisoners” has been sold for local adaptation. In addition to Fox 21 and Showtime, it was also licensed to WeitMedia in Russia and Medyapim in Turkey. The finished show has been licensed in over 20 territories including the U.K., Australia and France.

“We believe that the ongoing conflict between South Korea and North Korea makes the adaptation of ‘Prisoners of War’ especially compelling and timely,” said Zee.

“Prisoners” follows two soldiers as they attempt to re-adjust to their lives after returning home from captivity for 17 years. In addition to their personal struggles, it becomes clear that there is a profound secret that the two are keeping from everyone. The first season was the highest-rated drama of the year in Israel in 2011, while the second season was the highest scoring in 2012.