The college classroom is embracing television, as A+E Network’s History cabler has partnered with the University of Oklahoma to offer the very first television network-branded online course for credit.

Enrollment for the “United States, 1865 to the Present” course will begin on Oct. 28, with the class set to be taught by OU professor and historian Steve Gillon. A collaboration between History and OU, curriculum will involve professionally produced video lectures, quizzes, discussion groups and social interactions, as well as integrated assets from the cabler.

The 16-week course will be offered during the upcoming spring semester, officially beginning Jan. 12, providing a way for college students to earn three transferable credits, or for the lifelong learner.

The course is priced at $500 for current college students seeking to meet graduation requirements and high school students looking to jump-start a college eduction, and at $250, for lifelong learners.

Upon passing, students will receive three college credits and a badge of completion.

“This course, combining the best in education and entertainment, brings together the resources and talents of a flagship state university and a national television network to present new ways of learning about the past,” Gillon said. “With this course, we hope to spark the imagination of a new generation of students, ignite their interest in the study of history, and inspire them to learn more about how the past shapes the world we live in today.”

“We’re excited to make this dynamic and innovative course available for credit, and to be the first media company to offer this opportunity,” said Dan Suratt, exec VP of digital media at A+E Networks.

“When the University of Oklahoma’s tradition of academic excellence is combined with the storytelling ability and content from History channel, students everywhere will have an opportunity to enroll in a new, high-quality course that is designed to be interactive and engaging,” added university president David L. Boren.

“The first course being offered is U.S. history, but our intent is for the number of courses offered to continue to grow. Through this partnership, we are working to help lower the cost of education for college students, while extending new opportunities to lifelong learners everywhere.”

History and OU are developing additional courses for upcoming semesters.

Course registration will be open at history.com/courses.