Thirty million viewers has a nice ring to it, and that’s the milestone number this year’s has Grammys surpassed with a little help from DVR playback.

Nielsen numbers released Friday show that the “56th Annual Grammy Awards,” which aired last Sunday on CBS, added 1.64 million viewers to its same-night tally of 28.51 million — bringing its average tune-in at any minute during the telecast to 30.15 million. Last year’s Grammys added 1.52 million to reach a total of 29.77 million within three days of its Sunday airing.

As the awards show most driven by live performances, the Grammys would figure to benefit more than other kudocasts in delayed viewing. And sure enough, the 1.64 million additional viewers in just three days is considerably more than last year’s Academy Awards on ABC (1.07 million) — which worked from a larger base of same-night viewing — and about three times larger than the Golden Globes on NBC on Jan. 12 (564,000).

The Grammys were an especially big draw on social media this time around, as viewers commented on performers and performances, including one-time pairings like Carole King and Sara Bareilles on a medley of “Beautiful” and “Brave” and Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk on “Another Star.” That, in turn, may have elevated viewership of the performances in the days after the telecast.