Speculating about “Game of Thrones” is one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes, but have some zealous fans already guessed the ending?

That’s what author George R. R. Martin implied during a Q&A at the Edinburgh Intl. Book Festival on Monday night, according to the Guardian.

“I’ve been planting all these clues that the butler did it, then you’re halfway through a series and suddenly thousands of people have figured out that the butler did it, and then you say the chambermaid did it? No, you can’t do that,” Martin reportedly said while addressing whether fan theories and online speculation influence his writing process for the “Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels on which HBO’s adaptation is based.

Martin also explained why the hit HBO show offers more explicit gay and bisexual sex scenes than his books, admitting that the books are limited to the perspectives of his “viewpoint” characters — none of whom are gay. “Frankly, it is the way I prefer to write fiction because that is the way all of us experience life. You’re seeing me from your viewpoint, you’re not seeing what someone over here is seeing,” he said. “A television show doesn’t have those limitations.”

Still, Martin didn’t rule out the possibility of homosexual p.o.v. characters in his remaining two novels. “Will that change? It might. I’ve had letters from fans who want me to present particularly an explicit male sex scene — most of the letters come from women,” he said. “I’m not going to do it just for the sake of doing it. If the plot lends itself to that, if one of my viewpoint characters is in a situation, then I’m not going to shy away from it, but you can’t just insert things because everyone wants to see them.”

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