Hernan Lopez, president-CEO of Fox Intl. Channels since 2011, oversees a fast-growing division for 21st Century Fox that houses more than 350 channels in 181 countries, which means he’s on the front lines of the company’s efforts to drive growth through international expansion. The Argentina native joined Fox’s Latin American wing in Miami in 1997.

How do you keep track of so many channels?

It’s mind-boggling. I can’t name them all. But we put them into categories, and we focus on our three biggest global brands: Fox, Fox Sports and Nat Geo.

How many frequent flier miles have you racked up?

Around 400,000 I would guess.

Growing your sports channels has been a big focus for you. What are some of the more unusual teams or events you’ve come across?

In every country, we try to be the channel that local fans are most passionate about. We want to be the only place where people can watch that sport live. … In Brazil there’s a sport called “futevolei.” It’s like a mix of soccer and volleyball.

Do you have a favorite continent?

The Americas, of course. It has home team advantage for both Argentina and the U.S.

Where’s the one place in the world that you’re not already in that you’d most like to have a channel?

We don’t have an entertainment channel in France; we only have a factual Nat Geo channel. That’s probably the only big market where we have an obvious opening.