LONDON — Endemol-owned docu production house Darlow Smithson Prods. has inked an exclusive pact with Mars One, an org that aims to set up a human settlement on the Red Planet. DSP will film the mission to send the first astronauts to Mars — on a one-way ticket.

DSP will follow the selection and training of the 705 candidates hoping to become the first astronauts on Mars, who have been chosen from more than 200,000 applicants. From those candidates, the four crew members of the first mission will be selected.

In order to qualify for the mission, each individual must show that they have acquired the knowledge and skills as well as the high levels of psychological and physical performance needed to make the 300 million mile, one-way trip, and to establish the settlement.

Mars One claims that human settlement on Mars is possible with existing technologies.  However, no return trip can be made. Instead Mars One will send additional crews every two years to further build the colony.

The first instalments of DSP’s production are expected to begin broadcasting early next year.  Further details are due to follow soon.

Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and CEO of Mars One, said: “Bringing the story of our incredibly brave aspiring Martians to the world now officially begins with what we feel is a perfect partnership. Our team felt all along that we needed a partner whose strength lies in factual storytelling to an international audience.  DSP will provide that to Mars One, while allowing our selection committee to maintain control of the applicant selection process.”

Work on Mars One’s first unmanned mission to the planet is scheduled for launch in 2018, and it plans to land the first crew on Mars by 2025. The search for astronauts began in April 2013.