Daytime Emmy Awards: ‘Young and the Restless,’ ‘Ellen DeGeneres,’ Steve Harvey Among Top Winners at Raucous Ceremony (FULL LIST)

Daytime Emmy Awards: 'Young and the Restless,' 'Ellen DeGeneres,' Steve Harvey Among Top Winners Raucous Ceremony (FULL LIST)

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Steve Harvey” grabbed the top talkshow wins while “The Young and the Restless” was named best drama series Sunday at the 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which proved to be a raucous affair as the kudocast grappled with the transition to a streaming-only format.

A high volume of no-shows among top winners and bumpy moments underscored the unusual nature of this year’s ceremony, which was unable to land a TV deal. At times, presenters struggled with their stage instructions and the camera work was jumpy. Without the timetable and content constraints of airing live on advertiser-supported TV, winners and presenters let the salty language fly, and some winners took their sweet time with acceptance remarks on the Beverly Hilton stage.

Host Kathy Griffin (pictured) and others made light of the situation. Griffin ended the nearly two-hour ceremony by walking on stage yelling “say goodnight!” while “Young and the Restless” exec producer Jill Farren Phelps ran through a long list of thank-yous.

CBS’ “Y&R” was the night’s top winner with six awards in total. NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” grabbed three wins.

“Ellen DeGeneres” won for entertainment talkshow. Steve Harvey took two trophies — gameshow host for his work on “Family Feud,” and for informative talkshow for his syndicated “Steve Harvey” daytime yakker. Harvey was among many top winners who were not on hand. “Feud” exec producer and longtime Harvey associate Rushion McDonald said the host was on vacation in Bali as he did not expect to win.

Undoubtedly the lack of TV coverage put a dent in the turnout among nominees. And the  perceived lack of a timetable imposed by a broadcast led to some drawn-out speeches and blue moments.

“I feel like I’ve been here for five fucking hours and I only just got here,” presenter Sharon Osbourne said after one winner — Linda Bell Blue of “Entertainment Tonight” — hogged the microphone for several minutes while accepting her award. “It’s not being televised — just fucking get pissed and have a good time.”

Osbourne proceeded with more R-rated remarks that would have prompted a string of bleeps on ad-supported TV.

The award for talkshow host was a tie between Dr. Mehmet Oz, of “Dr. Oz,” and Katie Couric, of the now-defunct “Katie.” Neither Oz nor Couric were around to collect their awards, prompting a brief chorus of “boos” from some in the audience. Griffin was shown giving the “thumbs down” signal to the camera.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” won for morning show. “Entertainment Tonight” and “Extra” tied for the win the first-ever entertainment news program award. Bobby Flay took the culinary host trophy for Food Network’s “Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction.”

On the soap front, Billy Miller of “Young and the Restless” won for lead drama actor. “Days of Our Lives’ ” Eileen Davidson scored lead drama actress. And those two soaps divvied up the remaining acting categories.

Eric Martsolf was recognized for “Days”; Amelia Heinle won supporting for “Y&R.” “Y&R’s” Hunter King prevailed in the young actress category while “Days'” Chandler Massey triumphed for young actor.

“Soap community thank you — the resurgence of soap operas,” Martsolf enthused. Heinle dedicated her win to her sister who is fighting cancer.

“Y&R” also won for daytime drama writing and a special-class award for the show’s hourlong tribute special to the late star Jeanne Cooper. The short-lived online revival of one-time ABC soap “One Life to Live” on TOLN.com won for drama directing.

The indie online “Venice the Series” won in the new approaches drama category.

“The People’s Court” was the verdict in the legal/courtroom category. “Jeopardy” won for gameshow.

In the Daytime Emmy’s new Spanish-lingo categories, Rodner Figueroa from Univision’s “El Gordo y la Flaca” won for daytime talent. Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Dia” won for morning show and CNN en Espanol’s “Clix” won for entertainment program.

Here’s a complete list of winners:

Drama Series

The Young and the Restless CBS

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps

Supervising Producers

John Fisher, Tony Morina


Mary O’Leary


New Approaches – Drama Series

Venice The Series Executive Producer

Crystal Chappell

Co-Executive Producer

Christa Morris

Supervising Producer

Hillary B Smith

Culinary Program

The Mind of a Chef PBS Executive Producers

Anthony Bourdain, Joseph Caterini, Chris Collins, Lydia Tenaglia

Co-Executive Producer

Michael Steed


Jared Adrukanis, Alexandra Chaden, Jonathan Cianfrani , Nari Kye


Game Show

Executive Producer

Harry Friedman

Supervising Producers

Lisa Broffman, Rocky Schmidt

Senior Producer

Deb Dittmann

Coordinating Producer

Bob Sofia


Brett Schneider


Kevin McCarthy

Editorial Supervisors/Writers

Michele Loud, Billy Wisse


John Duarte, Mark Gaberman, Debbie Griffin, Robert McClenaghan, Jim Rhine, Steve D. Tamerius



Legal/Courtroom Program

The People’s Court

Executive Producers Stu Billett, David Scott

Supervising Producer

Philip Vandervort

Senior Producer

Michele Eppolito


Liz Marley, Theresa Milana, Kathryn Posch


Judge Marilyn Milian


Curt Chaplin, Harvey Levin, J. Douglas McIntosh



Morning Program

Good Morning America ABC


Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer,

Sam Champion, Ginger Zee

Senior Executive Producer

Tom Cibrowski

Executive Broadcast Producer

Chris Vlasto

Executive Editorial Producer

Santina Leuci

Senior Broadcast Producers

Margo Baumgart, John Ferracane, Denise Rehrig

Senior Producers

Sandra Aiken, Tracey Marx Bernstein, Angela Ellis, Seth Fenton, Kenneth Kneeland,

Alberto Orso, Sarah Ruth, Kristin Sebastian, Simone Swink, Maureen White, Morgan Zalkin

Senior Producer, Washington

Sara Just

Senior Editorial Producer

Mark Robertson

Deputy Editorial Producers

Kaitlyn Folmer, Justin Weaver

Coordinating Producers

Cathy Becker, Sam Brooks, Carolyn Durand, Elena Genovese-Picard, Karen Leo,

Yoni Mintz, Patty Neger, Brian O’Keefe, Lourdes Leahy, Ronnie Reiss


Joanne Amato, Jesus Ayala, Taylor Behrendt, Clark Bentson, Tara Berardi, Kim Berryman,
Brandon Bodow, Carlos Boettcher, Darcy Bonfils, Cameron Brock, Kristopher Campbell, Brandon Chase, Jessica Church, Stephan Cohen, Kirstyn Crawford, Bill Cunningham, Michael Del Moro,
Patrick Doherty, Elizabeth Drew, Ross Eichenholz, Monica Escobedo, Caitlin Fallon,
Joanne Fuchs, Mosheh Gains, Cliff Gelb, Matt German, Harvey Goldberg, Lora Grassilli,
Joan Griffin, Rashid Haddou, Kelly Hagan, Jennifer Harrison, Elizabeth Hartfield, Brian Hartman,
Josh Haskell, Angus Hines, Ray Homer, Matt Hosford, Josh Hoyos, KC Ifeanyi, Katie Kastens,
Cole Kazdin, Amanda Keegan, Bryan Keinz, Alison Kenworthy, Erin Keohane, Josh Kleinman, Matt Knox,
Ben Krolowitz, Sarah Kunin, Cody LaGrow, Roger Lee, Sandra Lee, Danielle Librizzo,
Beth Loyd, Melissa Lustrin, Alex Marino, Marlei Martinez, Peter Martinez Jr., Scott McCartney,
Jamie McCarty, Greg McCown, Matthew McGarry, Rich McHugh, Kelly McKelvey,
Bonnie McLean, Kevin McMillen, Wendy McNeal, David Meyers, Shardé Miller, Sonny Mullen,
Phoebe Natanson, Bruno Nota, Emily O’Donnell, Bethany Owings, Sabrina Parise,
Felicia Patinkin, Sabrina Peduto, Jennifer Pereira, Margaret Pergler, Sandy Petryskowski,
Mary Pflum, George Pilla, Carole Podell, Jessica Polizzi, Bartley Price, Kim Randolph, David Reisner,
Matthew Reynard, Daisha Riley, Bruno Roeber, Robert Rudman, Michael Ryan,
James Scholz, Faryn Shiro, Scott Shulman, Natasha Singh, Liz Sintay, Emily Stanitz,
David Stephens, Cari Strassberg, Gina Sunseri, Mallory Thompson, Seniboye Tienabeso,
Thea Trachtenberg, Doug Vollmayer, James Wang, Vanessa Weber, Robyn Weil,
Ariella Weintraub, Anna Wild, Toni Wilson, Samantha Wnek, Gary Wynn, Suzanne Yeo


Maryalice Aymong, Dave Bloch, Anna Boyd, Jacqueline Calayag, Ellen Carl, Karen Compton, Alisha Davis, Chris Elam, Mitch Gallob, Raquel Hecker, Debbie Humes, Cherry Key, Edmund Levin, Brett Levy, Teri Mariani, Michael Milhaven, Dennis Murray, Matt Nelko, Noreen O’Donnell, Adriana Pratt, Joseph Reid, Molly Shaker, Jack Sheahan, Joe Tuzzo, Laura Zaccaro
Segment Producers
Jaclyn Aronson, Courtney Condron, Katie Conway, Ali Ehrlich, Will Ganss, Emily Gertler,
Sabina Ghebremedhin, Eric Jones, John Kapetaneas, Mi Seon Lee, Jennifer Leong,
Shah Rahmanzadeh, John Santucci, Lisa Sivertsen, Jason Stine, Elsie Swank, Jim Vojtch. Meteorologist Producers
Max Golembo, Melissa Griffin, Gerard McNiff, George Wright
Operations Producers
Julie Amar, Kyle Morris, Jennifer Colantonio, Antoinette Dean, Robert Dominguez,
Matt Jakl, Cameron Jones, Cindy Shiftan, Maria Stefanopoulos, Kimberly Titone, Larry Peterson


Morning Program in Spanish

Un Nuevo Dia
Sr Executive Producer
Maria Lopez-Alvarez
Executive Producer
Maria Garcia-Marquez
Supervisor Line Producer
Aidé Devis
Supervisor Line Producer
Sylmarie Vazquez
Line Producer
Jorge Torres-Sojo
Sr Creative Producer
Magda Rodriguez
Alexander Aguiar, Carlos Alzate, Alejandro Cacho, Annette Calvo, Christine Castrillon, Maria Cepeda, Paula Echevarria, Johan Gonzalez Francisco Haro, Osvaldo Hernandez, Andrea Jaime, Irisbell Lopez, Miguelangel Lopez, Marcelo Maselli, Angel Román, Noel Ramos, Steven Rodríguez, Manfredo Schmidt, Patricia Sena, Paloma Veloz, Christian Vila Producer/Writer
Javier Soto-George
Eugenia Betancur
Jose Corzo
Edgardo Del Villar
Ana Maria Canseco, Rashel Diaz, Adamari Lopez, Daniel Sarcos, Diego Schoening
James Tahhan, Alessandra Villegas
Senior Correspondent
Azucena Cierco
Karina Monroy
Veronica Albornoz, Maria del Carmen Gonzalez, Iran Daniel
Weather Reporter
Denise Isaac



Talk Show / Informative

Steve Harvey

Executive Producers

Steve Harvey, Alex Duda, Rushion McDonald

Co-Executive Producer

Jason Kurtz

Senior Supervising Producer

Kareen Gunning

Supervising Producers

Kevin Boyer, Kevin Burke, Kim Gagne

Senior Producers

Tracey La’Stell Slates, Sushupti Yalamanchili


Michelle Barnard, Kevin Hurley, Leah Kaplan Kohn, Melinda Leonas,

Julie Maddox, Suzie Munson, Brooke Turner, Nancy Vaden

Field Producers

Jock Hedblade, Anneke Mills, Rachel Winn



Talk Show / Entertainment

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Executive Producers

Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner

Co-Executive Producers

Melissa Geiger Schrift, Kevin A. Leman II, Jonathan Norman, Derek Westervelt

Coordinating Producer

Ross Williams

Senior Producers

Kara Hogan Leonardo, Corey Palent, Matthew Wright, Andy Zenor



Lori Blackman, Claudia Gharibian, Alissa Cote, Chris Cucci, Jason Gelles, Travis Helwig, Paul Horne, Suzanne Luna, Liz

Patrick, Aaron Pinkston, Lauren Pomerantz, Amy Rhodes, Gil Rief, Hilary Robe, Ellen Rocamora, Adam Yenser

Line Producer

Nicole Collins


Entertainment Program in Spanish


Executive Producer

David Gamez

Senior Producers

Marcela Andrade, Magdalena Cabral


Victoria Schlissel


Guillermo Arduino


Entertainment News Program (tie)

Entertainment Tonight

Executive Producers

Linda Bell Blue, DJ Petroro

Co-Executive Producer

Linda Fuller

Senior Producers

Sharlette Hambrick, Ray Slaboda, Bonnie Tiegel

Senior Broadcast Producer

Eliza Cost

Senior Supervising Producers

Chris Clark, Bridgette Jones, Clay Smith, Mylin Watkins

Supervising Producers

Steven Baker, Carolyn Greenspan-Rosen, Amy Purnell, Dan Schanks, Jama Suchomel
Coordinating Producers
Jen Antonelli, Michael De Lazzer, Ben Wallace



Nancy O’Dell, Rob Marciano


Brooke Anderson, Rocsi Diaz



Senior Executive Producer

Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey

Executive Producers

Theresa Coffino, Jeremy Spiegel

New York Bureau Chief

Marie Hickey

Senior Broadcasting Producer

Seth Katz

Senior Supervising Producers

Matt Ferrell, Mike Miller

Supervising Producers

Scott Eldridge, Steve Weiser

Managing editor

Fatana Nawabi

Senior Assignment Editor

Chris Liss

Senior Coordinating Producer

Scott Jones

Senior Producers


Jen Aguillon, Yvette Corporon, David Geha, Reed Grinsell, Lynne Lester,

Omar Lugones, Terry Murphy, Larry Stern, Steve Sunshine, Adam Weissler

Segment Producers

Kelly Ankwicz, Carlo DeSantis, Kevin Keefer, Sharon Levin-Grabow,

Mark Mottern, Stefan Richardson, Sarah Rickert, Christina Torres, Jody Weintraub


Mario Lopez, Maria Menounos


Hilaria Baldwin, AJ Calloway, Michael Corbett, Jerry Penacoli, Terri Seymour

Weekend Co-Host/Correspondent

Renee Bargh


Special Class Special

The Young and the Restless: Jeanne Cooper Tribute CBS

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps

Supervising Producers

John Fisher, Tony Morina


Mary O’Leary


Lead Actress in a Drama Series

EILEEN DAVIDSON, as Kristen DiMera
Days of Our Lives NBC

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott
The Young and the Restless CBS

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

AMELIA HEINLE, as Victoria Newman
The Young and the Restless CBS

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

ERIC MARTSOLF, as Brady Black
Days of Our Lives NBC

Younger Actress in a Drama Series

HUNTER KING, as Summer Newman
The Young and the Restless CBS

Younger Actor in a Drama Series

Days of Our Lives NBC

Outstanding Culinary Host

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction

Food Network


Daytime Talent in Spanish

El Gordo y la Flaca


RODNER FIGUEROA, Correspondent

Game Show Host

Family Feud



Talk Show Host (tie)

The Dr. Oz Show




Drama Series Writing Team

The Young and the Restless CBS

Head Writers

Shelly Altman, Josh Griffith

Co-Head Writer

Tracey Thomson

Associate Writers

Amanda Beall, Jeff Beldner, Brent Boyd, Susan Dansby, Janice Ferri Esser, Beth Milstein, Natalie Minardi Slater, Anne Schoettle, Lisa Seidman


Drama Series Directing Team

One Life To Live


Habib Azar, Gary Donatelli, Christopher Goutman, Jill Mitwell

Associate Directors

Tracey Casper Lang, Mary Ryan, Shirley Simmons

Stage Managers

Fritz Brekeller, Keith Greer, Brendan M. Higgins

Production Associates

Ilene Frankel, Dana Randles