The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” wasted no time slamming recent news coverage of the missing Malaysia Airline plane. But out of all the major networks, he roasted CNN the most.

Stewart started the segment on Monday’s show by giving kudos to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for his fair and information-laden summary of the tragedy, but then jokes that the net then realized it had 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill. In typical “Daily Show” fashion, Stewart uses the clip and juxtaposes it against several others correspondents and guests speculating about the possibility of black holes and Bermuda triangle-like conditions as causes for the plane’s disappearance.

The comedic host also couldn’t help but take a jab at CNN’s ratings, which have plummeted to a 20-year low.

“CNN’s missing airline obsession not only doubled their prime time ratings. It itself became news, because the only thing less likely than an airplane disappearing out of the sky is CNN’s ratings doubling,” Stewart joked.

He also lampooned Fox News not only for its coverage of CNN’s ratings but also its older-skewing demographic.