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CNN reporter Sara Sidner was pelted in the head with a rock as she reported live from the streets of Ferguson, Missouri on Monday night.

Sidner was standing across the street from a local business that had recently caught on fire when an anonymous person hit the CNN reporter in the head as she spoke remotely to anchor Jake Trapper.

Trapper immediately asked her if she was OK, to which she replied “I’m OK, I’m OK. I’ve been hit with much worse in my day.”

He then told her to leave the area as protestors continued to loot and set fire to local businesses.

“I see other rocks going into the picture there,” Tapper said. “There are obviously some really bad people near you and we want to get you to safety.”

Earlier in the night, a grand jury in Ferguson decided not prosecute police officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown.