Christina Hendricks Gives White House Summit a ‘Mad Men’ Moment

Christina Hendricks White House Summit
Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Christina Hendricks spoke at the White House Summit on Working Families on Monday, delivering brief remarks on how current policies for women need to be updated from the “Mad Men” era.

Hendricks, who plays Joan Harris on the show, said that “in the 21st Century, the only place for a story like Joan’s should be on TV.”

She cited President Obama’s remark that “our current policies seem to be from the ‘Mad Men’ era,” or equal pay for equal work. Obama made the reference to the show in his State of the Union Address this year.

“It is time for that story to go the way of the rotary phone and the typewriter,” Harris told the crowd at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Hendricks at first teased the audience, pretending to be ready to reveal the ending of season 7 of the show before getting an alert in her earpiece from “the president…of AMC.”

The summit is hosted by the Center for American Progress, the Department of Labor and the White House Council on Women and Girls. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are among those scheduled to speak, as well as Maria Shriver and BET CEO Debra Lee.