MADRID – For the first time at Cannes’ Mip TV market, Brazilian TV authorities and the Brazilian TV Producers (BTVP) trade assn. will create a forum to present co-production and sales opportunities with the South American giant.

The forum – a space at the BTVP stand – comes after Brazil’s Law 12.485, approved March 2012, revolutionized indie TV production sector in Brazil, obliging its pay TV operators to air 3.5 hours of Brazilian content weekly.

Galvanizing independent TV production to the extent that famed TV companies – Fernando Meirelles’ O2 Filmes, for example –have moved energetically into TV production, Law 12.485 has created a huge new demand for local TV content in Brazil, a country where free-to-air broadcasters traditionally produced their own content and most pay TV operators aired near-wall-to-wall U.S. imports.

In one Mip TV presentation, speakers will address financing mechanisms and international co-production with Brazil. The Rio Content Market, one of Latin America’s key TV marts, will summarize highlights of this March’s edition and announce some details of 2015’s event.

Two Brazilian TV channels, Curta! – that airs Brazilian series, movies docus and shorts, and education feed TV Escola – will unveil lineups.

Brazilian companies at MipTV include Abrolhos, Grifa Filmes, Il Vagabundo, LF & Associados, Movie&Arte, Martinelli Films, Primo Filmes, QueroQuero Cinema, Sete Personagems, Curta! owner Synapse and TV Pinguim.