Philanthropy group unite4:good will host its first-ever unite4:humanity event in Los Angeles in association with Variety.

The event will further serve the unite4:good mission of promoting positivity, inspiring charitable engagement and empowering acts of kindness and service. The evening will include several award presentations, with President Bill Clinton slated to give the opening remarks at the event.

Grammy Award-winning Alicia Keys will also be honored for her work as an activist and Founder of Keep A Child Alive, which has provided treatment, love and support to families in Africa affected by HIV/AIDS for more than a decade. Keys will also perform at the event.

Variety will present several unite4:humanity awards to entertainment industry icons who have created positive, inspirational or socially conscious media and entertainment in the areas of film, television and music.

Selena Gomez will receive a Young Humanitarian Award for her involvement as a UNICEF Ambassador, while actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus will receive a Television Visionary Award for her work with Heal The Bay. Lastly, Variety’s Creative Conscience Award will be presented to a Hollywood icon who has shown compassion, contribution and influence towards changing the world for the better.

The event will take place at the Sony Lot on Feb. 27.

Additional highlights include:

-Five everyday heroes will be awarded $25,000 unite4:good grants
-The evening will serve as the official launch of the unite4:good social media platform
-The night will highlight unite4:good’s coaltion4:good, which includes 15 Founding Affiliate organizations who have each received a unite4:good grant to create programming.