CBS’ geek-fueled “The Big Bang Theory” and Lucasfilm are collaborating for a special “Star Wars” episode.

“The Big Bang Theory” has teamed with a group of special effects technicians from Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic to re-create Dagobah, the fictional planet of swamps and forests where Jedi Master Yoda lived during his time in exile in the “Star Wars” film. The final touches of the episode will be completed at Lucasfilm’s San Francisco headquarters.

Bob Newhart, pictured here, who received an Emmy for his guest appearance on the show last year, will return as Professor Proton and will appear as an iconic “Star Wars” character.

“They’re excited about everything we’re doing, and they’re going to help us with the special effects. Bob is going to be swinging a light saber around and they sent us a real one to use. They’re going to help make it look and sound right,” showrunner Steve Molaro told THR, which broke the story. “It’s an amazing crossover for us.”

“The Proton Transmogrification” episode is set to air May 1 …  just in time for the unofficial “Star Wars” day on May (the) 4.