Some things never change … or do they?

MTV has released a teaser for the season-four premiere of teen dramedy “Awkward,” and it looks like Jenna (Ashley Rickards) has found the redemption she needed from her season-three downward spiral. The newfound transformation finds her way back in Matty McKibben’s (Beau Mirchoff) arms … which might not be the best decision.

Meanwhile, Jenna’s crew continues to deal with the pitfalls of high school, but the stakes are higher this season. It’s senior year and college is on the horizon. With adulthood and new college boys acting as the light at the end of the tunnel, Jenna faces more life-questioning debates.

Jenna’s friend Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), whose relationship with Jake (Brett Davern) hit a bump in the road last season, might also face some love troubles. Of course, she deals with it in the only way Tamara would … by “catfishing” Jake.

“Awkward” premieres April 15 on MTV.