“Parks and Recreation” may have caught a touch of “Scandal” fever. Amy Poehler told reporters during a conference call Friday that fans should be sure to watch through the very last seconds of next week’s season finale, which features a guest turn from first lady Michelle Obama.

“The last moments (of the April 24 finale) are really important,” Poehler teased. “Big things happen that show you where we’re going.”

Poehler and “Parks” creator/exec producer Michael Schur held a conference call with journos to discuss the momentous events of this past Thursday’s episode, in which Poehler’s daffy Leslie Knope learned she is pregnant with triplets.

Schur acknowledged that pregnancy stories in sitcoms are well-worn subjects, but he couldn’t resist the opportunity to saddle Knope with triplets.

“It was also really fun to tell the real-life Amy Poehler that we’re doing a storyline where she was pregnant with triplets,” he said.

In addition to Obama, the sixth-season finale is packed with special guest stars including Megan Mullally, Billy Eichner, Henry Winkler, Lucy Lawless, members of the Decemberists and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy as the Pawnee gang stages a benefit concert.

“The end is pretty exciting and — dare I say — a very exciting last moment,” Poehler said. “I’m very excited for people to see it.”