AMC said it had approved three unscripted series that will take viewers from celebrity bowling matches to looks at a rock star’s adventures in the professional wrestling business and the hard, intense work of Hollywood set design.

The network, the flagship of AMC Networks, is best known for its scripted dramas, like “Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead.” In recent seasons, however, it has made attempts to build its development of unscripted series, including looks at a comic book store owned by director Kevin Smith, or, more recently, “Game of Arms,” a series centered on arm wrestling.

One of the new programs, “All-Star Celebrity Bowling,” will consist of eight 30-minute episodes and will feature two new celebrity casts facing off each week in a bowling match for charity. Comedians and siblings Randy and Jason Sklar will host. The series is adapted from Chris Hardwick’s web series, “All-Star Celebrity Bowling.” The pilot features a hilarious match up between Jon Hamm and the cast of “Mad Men” and Chris Hardwick and cohorts. Produced by High Noon Entertainment; Executive Producer: Chris Hardwick of Nerdist; Executive Producers: Jim Berger and Patrick Jager from High Noon

“Untitled Billy Corgan Wrestling Project” will consist of eight 60-minute episodes. The leader of The Smashing Pumpkins is now creative director of Resistance Pro, a Chicago-based wrestling league.Viewers will see Corgan create storylines, choreograph fights and manage intense post-match locker room arguments. Produced by Left/Right (“Small Town Security,” “This American Life,” “Mob Wives”); Executive Producers: Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Billy Corgan, and Ghen Maynard.

“Visionaries” will consist of six 30-minute episodes. Docuseries follows the employees of Vision Scenery as they design and construct Hollywood sets, props and models for commercials, TV, music videos, films and other productions. Viewers will see this “old school” team that does not use computer-generated special effects tackle every part of the process as they plan, execute and improvise the old-fashioned way.

Produced by Left/Right, LLC (“Small Town Security,” “Mob Wives,” “This American Life”); Executive Producers: Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman, Andrew Bishop, David Lyons