Stacey Dash, the actress best known, perhaps, for her role in the 1995 Amy Heckerling-helmed film “Clueless,” will join Fox News Channel as a cultural commentator, the 21st Century Fox-owned cable network said Wednesday.

Dash is to offer cultural analysis and commentary across Fox News’ daytime and primetime programs, the network said.

The actress, whose films include “Renaissance Man’ and :”View from the Top,”   endorsed then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on her personal Twitter account in 2012, a move that sparked some controversy and backlash.   Since the election, Dash has continued to take to the media to offer opinion on pop culture, national news and politics.

“Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints amongst her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates – we’re pleased to have her join FOX News,” said Bill Shine, executive vice president of programming at Fox News, in a prepared statement.