CBS News recently launched a live broadband-distributed news broadcast. Now ABC News is attempting to harvest on-the-ground footage from around the globe from correspondents who will live-stream footage and reporting as they are stationed around the world.

The Walt Disney unit, which has digital-distribution alliances with Yahoo and Apple TV, said it would launch a new content technique called “GoStream,” which will allow ABC News correspondents to record and upload footage from events as they happen, letting followers track news live as it unfolds. The new initiative will “take our audience around the world, in real time, to see and experience global events and breaking stories as they unfold,” said ABC News President James Goldston in a memo Tuesday.

The ABC News staffers will be able to record and transmit the footage using an app on their mobile devices.

Goldston said ABC News intended to hire a journalist to “manage, strategize and produce this new content, and respond to breaking and ongoing news domestically and internationally.” GoStream will be curated and live streamed at ABCNews.com/live as well as via ABC News’ mobile apps and on Apple TV.  ABC News has been testing the technology for various events, including coverage from Liberia, Ferguson, Missouri and the White House.

On Tuesday, ABC News expected to live-stream coverage from an Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy, CA.; Peters Square in Vatican City; Ferguson, MO; the White House; and the Johnson Space Center.

Announcement of the new technology comes as news organizations of all stripes grapple with an audience that is gradually getting more of its information about breaking news from mobile devices and content feeds that serve them. ABC News has nodded toward plans it has to unveil a digital component for its wee-hours newsmagazine, “Nightline,” that would make the raw, you-are-there reporting that is a big part of that show available around the clock.

The broadcast-news outlets already have competition in this new arena. Vice, the upstart news-video company, has won acclaim and financial backing for its video reports from far-flung corners of the world.

The technology will give ABC News journalists “a powerful new way to incorporate mobile journalism into the news gathering process and provides you all with the opportunity to experiment with different forms of storytelling,” Goldston said in his memo. ” I can’t wait to see where you’ll take us next!”